The Adventures of Pete & Pete

Season 2 Episode 1

Grounded for Life

Aired Unknown Sep 25, 1994 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Grounded for Life
After messing up Mr. Wrigley's lawn, younger Pete gets grounded for a whole month. Pete is determined to celebrate the Fourth of July, so he decides to tunnel his way out.

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  • Young Pete's Great Escape

    This episode was funny obviously paroding a little on the film "The Great Escape" we saw Pete use a rather daft choice of tool for diging a tunnel, a Statue of Liberty paper weight (why the heck he never used any proper digging tools like a shovel or pick ax is anyones guess). We had a sense of suspense hoping that Dad wouldn't catch on to Pete's tunnel and seeing the intricate mining system Pete constructed. However it was really the interaction between both Young Pete and Nona (Michelle Trachkenberg) that was the real strength of the episode, both of their dilemas parallel one another since both have lost their sense of freedom and are prisoners of an enviorment they don't want any part of and yet both of them develop a bond toward one another and act as silent partners, Nona of course helps Pete out in a big way when the tables look like they could turn and could destroy the whole operation but most of all give each other a sense of freedom. The epsode hits at the theme about our neverending need to fight against an authorty that is tyranical and unfair, has tresspased by repressing our human rights. Our common anxieties over moving to a new unfamilar envorment and lonelyness. As well as our need to excape from the confinements of an inprisoning predicament and become free but also connection.moreless

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    • Nona: I thought you'd be shorter.
      Little Pete: I am.

    • Nona: Give me your poor, your tired, your grounded masses struggling to be free through hard-patched clay.

    • Little Pete: Hoffa!

    • Artie: A dee-lightful new product! I thought you would, uh... dig it!

    • Artie: You have soft hands for a man, Don!

    • Mr. Wrigley: You're grounded.
      Little Pete: Parameters.
      Mr. Wrigley: House.
      Little Pete: Privileges.
      Mr. Wrigley: Food and bathroom.
      Little Pete: Duration.
      (Big Pete's voice) Dad had taken the pause every kid dreads. Would he show mercy or would he be a parent?.
      Mr. Wrigley: One month.
      Big Pete: Parent.

    • Big Pete voice over: With Pete under house arrest for the best part of the summer, Mom and I were enlisted to serve in the great lawn war of Wellsville.

      Dad: (pacing) Lawn hydration is the key to victory.Too much water can wipe out all that we've worked for.

      Mr. Lurgner: (listening through head sets)Thanks for the tip, Donny boy. (he sees Nimbus, the dog, and scares him away with his hose.) No dogs on Lurgner grass.

      Nona: What are ya, some kind of serial killer?

      Mr. Lurgner: I'm just protecting my turf. Doggy wee-wee kills grass faster than acid.

      Nona: Not from my dog. Ever since moving to your lousy town, he won't squirt. I don't blame him; I hate this place, too.

    • Little Pete: One month?! You might as well ground me for life! I'll miss the Fourth of July-- the fireworks.

      Mom: (sighs) He'll miss the fireworks.

      Dad: (sternly) He'll miss the fireworks.

    • Dad: You're grounded.
      Little Pete: Parameters?
      Dad: House.
      Little Pete: Priveleges?
      Dad: Food and bathroom.
      Little Pete: Duration?
      Big Pete voice over: Dad had taken the pause every kid dreads. Would he show mercy, or would he be a parent?
      (There's a long pause, and the screen focuses in on Dad)
      Dad: One month.
      Big Pete: (sadly) Parent.

    • Big Pete: One hot Philadelphia summer, some 200 years ago, a bunch of guys in powdered wigs forged The Great Experiment, known as America. Now with the 4th of July just a week away, my brother Pete was conducting an experiment of his own. He would answer the question that had haunted man kind for centuries. What happens when a humidifier and dehumidifier are turned on at the same time?

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    • Nimbus is latin for rain bearing, which is significant bearing in mind Nimbus the dog's bladder problem.

    • As he tunnels to freedom, Little Pete finds Jimmy Hoffa's wallet. As it is widely known, the former Teamsters head Hoffa was kidnapped and is believed to have been murdered and buried in New Jersey, the state in which the series was filmed.

    • Nona's father, "Pop", is played by Iggy Pop. "Pop" calls the neighborhood kids "stooges". "The Stooges" is the name of the rock/punk band that Iggy Pop was the lead singer for, from 1967 to 1974.