The Adventures of Pete & Pete

Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Unknown Oct 30, 1994 on Nickelodeon

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  • Saving Halloween

    This is one of the best darn Pete and Pete episodes ever. I always loved the Halloween holiday and this episode honors it. Basically Older Pete is suffering from an internal image crisis. He has unfortunately forgoten how much fun Halloween is and has a fear of being ridiculed if participating in the tradition. Younger Pete though defies his brothers views and is determined to beat a record to going to the most houses trick or treating, the winner would be imortalized. But they of course have to avoid a evil gang of Pumpkin Destroyers who's mission is to destroy Halloween. So it's up to the brothers to not just beat the record but save Halloween.

    This is one of those rare holiday episodes that are actually done right. You actually emphisize with Younger Pete and route for his heroic determined effort and defiance toward people trying to destroy traditional values. And you want Older Pete to come to his senses. We know he's growing up and older but it doesn't mean he shouldn't have anymore fun with Halloween or change completely. I couldn't but cringe at the part where Older Pete destroyed an innocent looking Jack O Lanturn, there was some sort of sick sensablity to it almost worst than burning the American Flag or desicrating any other symbols of importance. The coolest moment in the show has to be when Older Pete is getting chased by the Pumpkin Destroyers. The camera shots made what was going on feel like an action movie.

    But the moral of this story of course is to respect tradition, some things do change but also can stay the same and the importance of excersing the trational values that go with it.
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