The Adventures of Pete & Pete

Season 3 Episode 7

Last Laugh

Aired Unknown Apr 01, 1995 on Nickelodeon

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  • The Big Prank

    Pete and Pete does Oceans Eleven. What I loved about this episode is that fact that it tricks the audience. Though I wasn't fooled knowing Young Pete I knew he was like a skilled card player, bluffing his opponents to lead them on into having one hand when he actually has another. We know that Young Pete is up to something really big but the question isn't so much what is it, but more how is he going to make it possible. During most of the episode it seems like Young Pete is in deep trouble and there might be no way he can make the prank possible, but like the pranks Young Pete has pulled things aren't what they seem.

    The only bad thing about the episode is Wayne, I'll be honest I never really liked his character too much, he was obvious suppose to be comic relief but he most of the time proves to be more stupid/annoying than amusing. But that just my opinion, also he's completely useless in this episode, let alone the season as if the creators didn't really know what to do with him, as if he's just there as window dressing.

    Anyway back to the good stuff, I think the best think about the episode is the fact that Adam West guest stars in it as the Principal. It's just funny seeing him play the villan role, where he would usual play the hero role as you might already know as the 60's Batman. His character could almost be another 60's Batman villian, he defenantly has the characteristics down he's comically sinister, power crazy, and a bit strange. His only way of keeping total suppremicy over the school is with a really crappy public service assembly special, I understand the kids pain I because I saw a lot of bad assembly crap in my time thankfully the pain numbed me so much I can't even remember them well. The ending trust me doesn't disapoint because it truely is funny and delivers the sweet revenge and relief to all of those crappy assemblies every one of us go through.
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