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The Adventures of Pete & Pete

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Unknown Dec 12, 1993 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Pete is mad at his Mom about his bed time. So he, Artie, and other friends attempt to break the world record of how many days one can go without sleeping. But one kid will survive with help from the person he is mad at in the first place.moreless

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  • Child's Rebellion

    This episode young Pete is at his best, it's sort of a small weard version of Spartacus. The whole episode is metaphor on growing up, youth freedom, empowerment, standing up against unfair authority and the great length people go to rebel for a heroic cause. It's both funny and a little painful seeing what all the characters are going though, who honests can go eleven days with no sleep. We see all the things they do to keep themselves awake from playing football or stange methods where one has to take one look at the sun and then sneeze the urge to sleep out. Or even eating one too many Fig Neutons. Of course these method prove feutal in the end since all drop one by one down to the last man. The funnest moments we see are the pschotic episode all of them suffer or even the littlest thing like a kid for some mysterous reason grows a beard as time goes on. There always comes a time in someones live when Authority needs to be chalanged.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Symbolism: When Little Pete crushes his nite-light at the beginning of the episode, it shows just how far he's willing to go in order to change the bedtime of all kids.

    • Running Gag: While staying up, Little Pete's friend, Clem, begins to grow a mustache and eventually, a beard! However, this is never actually mentioned by anyone throughout the episode.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Artie: Then I challenge you, my friend, to a game of tag. Of the Flashlight variety.
      Big Pete: (narrating) With the Krebstar 2000 pumping fresh funk into his cortex, Artie was ready for action.
      Artie: I don't believe you can catch me for I am super-freaky.

    • Little Pete: We are The Nightcrawlers!
      Artie: Ooh! Snappy name, my Little Viking. Suh-nuh-APPY!

    • Big Pete: (narrating) Pete's friends were so inspired by the idea of staying up eleven days past their bedtime that they too decided to go for the record. But what none of them realized is that they were playing right into the razor-sharp claws of the International Adult Conspiracy.

    • Big Pete: (narrating) That's why every night, at precisely nine o'clock a Wrigley nightly ritual begins.
      Mom: Honey, it's bedtime!
      Little Pete: Why?
      Mom: Because it's nine o'clock and that's what time growing boys go to sleep.
      Big Pete: (narrating) Mom's first reason for making Pete go to bed was always the easiest to counter. After all, what is there some International Chart that dictates what time all 10-year-olds should go to bed?
      Little Pete: But why nine o'clock? Why not 9:11 or 9:42?
      Dad: (spits up coffee) Do we have to go through this every night?
      Little Pete: I just want to know Why!
      Mom: Because nine o'clock is your bedtime.
      Little Pete: But why?!?
      Big Pete: (narrating) And that's when she'd say the six deadly words that make every kid's guts boil . . .
      Mom: Because I said so, that's why!

    • Big Pete: It all came down to the final night... If Pete and Artie could hold out for nine more hours, the balance of power in the Wrigley household, might shift forever. The stakes had never been higher, for Cranson Street... and for the world.

    • (after Younger Pete attempts to break the world's record for days without sleep)
      Mom: Beautiful day, isn't it?
      Younger Pete: Dawn was better.

  • NOTES (0)


    • The 'Gibley's Book of World Records' is a take on the Guinness Book of World Records, an annual publication that chronicles assorted world records.

    • Breaking the Nite-Light

      Pete crushing his nite-light at the beginning of the episode is a reference to the breaking of the snow globe in the beginning of the movie Citizen Kane.

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