The Adventures of Pete & Pete

Season 3 Episode 10


Aired Unknown Dec 07, 1995 on Nickelodeon

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  • The Main Event

    This episode unfortunately marked the final times when both Ellen and Endless Mike truely shined before they got lost in the shuffle of this season. This is a Big Pete centered episode and it's actually pritty good, because not just is it about the theme of what it really means to be a winner but mainly the whole episode is a build up to probably in my opinion one of the best darn fights ever.

    Endless Mike and Big Pete have fought many battle before but it was never in a physical contest. One of the interesting things about this episode is both Endless Mike and Ellen are the ones that truely steel the show. Ellen proves to be a better couch than the original wrestling couch, it was great seeing Ellen as usual being helpful to Big Pete as well as a little underlying feminism message. But most of all the real joy was seeing Endless Mike at his villiany best going to any lengths to fight Big Pete. My favorate sabatosh was in the motel where Young Pete was acting as a body guard for one of the wrestlers on the list, only do discover in almost suspense thriller fashion too late the next trap Endless Mike set up. Down to the pay off where Endless Mike is beating the crap out of Old Pete by as usual playing dirty, which I though was painfully hillarous. Unfotunately Endless Mike didn't count on the tables turning.
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