The Adventures of Pete & Pete

Nickelodeon (ended 1996)


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  • When all else fails, Pete and Pete saves the day.

    Pete and Pete is a classic. Buy the DVD's. No, seriously, go out right now and buy them all. You will not be disappointed. This show has some of the greatest features in television history. 2 brothers named Pete, Mom's plate, and the worlds greatest super hero, Artie. In my opinion, one of the greatest shows of our time.
  • Quirky comedy about two brothers both named Pete, and their best friends Ellen and Artie.

    This was a VERY funny comedy on Nickelodeon, providing mature humor that both children and parents can enjoy. It featured Danny Tamberelli when he was younger, before he joined the cast of All That.

    Unique things were spread all over the show such as the metal plate in Pete and Pete's mom's head, Artie, who wore nothing but spandex, the two fall-in-love busdrivers, an ice-cream man who nobody knew who he was, and REALLY weird and unthinkable plots.

    By the way... I was really scared of Artie when I was smaller.
  • The Best Show of the Early 90's!

    There is an undeniable wonder of "Pete and Pete" with it a magical quirk that made it so appealing. It revolves around the two title brothers (big and little Pete) and a town filled with colorful, complex characters. Big Pete narrates his whimsical and poignant look at growing up with an intellectual commentary of struggling in a bizarre suburban world.

    A brilliantly funny characterization of the local superhero Arty by Tobi Huss and excellent music by Polaris make "Pete and Pete" a one of a kind winner. I grew up with this show and still find new interests in the episodes as it is thankfully showed on Noggin.
  • A show about two brothers (Big Pete & Little Pete) who live in a crazy suburan neighborhood and deal with wacky neighbors and a dysfunctional yet loving family. A classic Nickelodeon show. They should really bring back the good old classic nick shows that

    I remember this show. I watched The Adventures of Pete and Pete every chance that I got. Watching this show brings back memories of when I used to watch it. They should have a channel for classic Nickeldeon shows like this and others. Bring it back! This show is missed.
  • its one of the greatest tv shows of te 90s!

    the adventures of pete and pete is a classic.
    it was a brilliant show about 2 brothers who both named pete and the show presents the adventures that those 2 brothers and thery friends&family are going through.
    the show is so great i hope it will return some day in a new season.
  • The Adventures of Pete and Pete depicts the journey of two brothers (both named Pete) as they travel through the trials and tribulations of their childhood and teenage years in the less than average town of Wellsville.

    The Adult Conspiracy, mysterious ice cream men, personal super heroes, and dotted "I"s are what most writers and creators couldn't think up in a million years. Originally from the television network Nickelodeon in the late 80's and early 90's, Pete and Pete started off as one-minute shorts in between shows. Eventually, co-creators Will McRobb and Chris Viscardi were given enough money to create a line of Pete and Pete specials and eventually were given their own show on Nickelodeon.
    The show is narrated by the two Petes who live their less than average lives in Wellsville. Some of their adventures consist of breaking the world record for most consecutive days without sleep, range boys disguised as bear, and a staring contest started by an argument over a sacred bowling ball. Indescribable, The Adventures of Pete and Pete is a strange show that is now beginning its DVD debut, and is anticipated for its next (and last) two seasons as well as its collection of specials and collections
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