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  • The Adventures of Pete and Pete depicts the journey of two brothers (both named Pete) as they travel through the trials and tribulations of their childhood and teenage years in the less than average town of Wellsville.

    The Adult Conspiracy, mysterious ice cream men, personal super heroes, and dotted "I"s are what most writers and creators couldn't think up in a million years. Originally from the television network Nickelodeon in the late 80's and early 90's, Pete and Pete started off as one-minute shorts in between shows. Eventually, co-creators Will McRobb and Chris Viscardi were given enough money to create a line of Pete and Pete specials and eventually were given their own show on Nickelodeon.
    The show is narrated by the two Petes who live their less than average lives in Wellsville. Some of their adventures consist of breaking the world record for most consecutive days without sleep, range boys disguised as bear, and a staring contest started by an argument over a sacred bowling ball. Indescribable, The Adventures of Pete and Pete is a strange show that is now beginning its DVD debut, and is anticipated for its next (and last) two seasons as well as its collection of specials and collections
  • its one of the greatest tv shows of te 90s!

    the adventures of pete and pete is a classic.
    it was a brilliant show about 2 brothers who both named pete and the show presents the adventures that those 2 brothers and thery friends&family are going through.
    the show is so great i hope it will return some day in a new season.
  • A show about two brothers (Big Pete & Little Pete) who live in a crazy suburan neighborhood and deal with wacky neighbors and a dysfunctional yet loving family. A classic Nickelodeon show. They should really bring back the good old classic nick shows that

    I remember this show. I watched The Adventures of Pete and Pete every chance that I got. Watching this show brings back memories of when I used to watch it. They should have a channel for classic Nickeldeon shows like this and others. Bring it back! This show is missed.
  • The Best Show of the Early 90's!

    There is an undeniable wonder of "Pete and Pete" with it a magical quirk that made it so appealing. It revolves around the two title brothers (big and little Pete) and a town filled with colorful, complex characters. Big Pete narrates his whimsical and poignant look at growing up with an intellectual commentary of struggling in a bizarre suburban world.

    A brilliantly funny characterization of the local superhero Arty by Tobi Huss and excellent music by Polaris make "Pete and Pete" a one of a kind winner. I grew up with this show and still find new interests in the episodes as it is thankfully showed on Noggin.
  • Quirky comedy about two brothers both named Pete, and their best friends Ellen and Artie.

    This was a VERY funny comedy on Nickelodeon, providing mature humor that both children and parents can enjoy. It featured Danny Tamberelli when he was younger, before he joined the cast of All That.

    Unique things were spread all over the show such as the metal plate in Pete and Pete's mom's head, Artie, who wore nothing but spandex, the two fall-in-love busdrivers, an ice-cream man who nobody knew who he was, and REALLY weird and unthinkable plots.

    By the way... I was really scared of Artie when I was smaller.
  • When all else fails, Pete and Pete saves the day.

    Pete and Pete is a classic. Buy the DVD's. No, seriously, go out right now and buy them all. You will not be disappointed. This show has some of the greatest features in television history. 2 brothers named Pete, Mom's plate, and the worlds greatest super hero, Artie. In my opinion, one of the greatest shows of our time.
  • A story of two brothers who share the same room and name. A very funny show on Nickolodeon that was definitely ahead of its time.

    I used to watch this show religously when I was little. Then I started watching the episodes again on Noggin, and realized how amazing the show actually was. I didn't understand the beauty that was Pete and Pete when I was little. It is definitely one of the best Nick shows of all time.
  • Best show on TV for a long time. Best of the 90s.

    Nickelodeon needs to bring back The Adventures of Pete and Pete. There shows on tv now are really bad. This show was one for all ages. I don't know why the-n ever took it off the air either. The acting was excellent and the casting was done well as the brothers actually looked like they could be brothers in real life. Artie the Strongest Man in the World may be one of the best TV characters ever. He was always funny and whenever he was on you would always have to say, " Awesome Artie is on!" This show is classic and I'm glad they are putting out dvds. I can't wait for the rest to come out so I can watch this old school classic all day.
  • A children's show that was too smart for TV.

    Though in the tradition of the early-90s fad of “quirky” representations of small town America (stemming from seminal series like Northern Exposure and Twin Peaks), in the creation of every-town Wellsville, we have a place like no other. A children's show that was too smart for TV.

    Looking back on these episodes from my youth, I can appreciate the impact it had on my imagination. I realize my inclinations for surrealism, absurdist and black humor, and a curiosity for the subversive beneath the benign began with Pete and Pete.

    The resonance stems from the show's truthful approach to childhood; it's not overtly nostalgic like The Wonder Years, nor alternately cynical like Solondz' Welcome to the Dollhouse, or just misdirectedly heartless like the recent Wellsville-imitator and crapfest, Napolean Dynamite. Instead, it is simply whimsical and earnest. Pete and Pete’s depiction of childhood is trumped only by Lynda Barry’s Marlys comic strips in terms of being accurate, funny and downright revelatory. The recurring "International Adult Conspiracy" totally evinced my childhood feelings of that dichotomy between grownups and kids; their ways were incomprehensibly foreign and superfluous, and vice versa. And Artie: The Strongest Man in the World is what every young viewer expects himself to grow up into. I'm sure the program had a small hand in forever subverting these viewers' opinions on the modern, business-focused world.

    Not to mention it's hilarious and had the coolest rock and roll and celebrity guest stars including: Iggy Pop(!), Adam West, Micheal Stipe of REM, Marshall Crenshaw(!), Debbie Harry of Blondie, Steve Buscemei (my favorite actor, even though I don't have a favorite actor) and even Hunter S. Thompson. And it was all rounded out by a catchy, post-grunge alternative soundtrack of that newly-nostalgic 1990s zeitgeist.
  • She's not into the scene, she don't socialize...

    I was one of the few kids I knew growing up in the 90s who didn't have cable television. My TV viewing was limited to Saturday morning cartoons and the TGIF lineup, except for occasional Nick viewings at my friends' or grandparents' houses. Thus, I did not get to see "Pete and Pete" until the recent DVD releases. So far I have watched all of season 1 and an episode or two from season 2 (thanks to bootleg DVDs).

    It's an excellent show that basically epitomizes what it's like to grow up. The International Adult Conspiracy is a hilarious idea, and didn't something like that cross all our minds when the adults in our lives were ganging up on us? The storylines are both funny and poignant, the soundtrack is awesome (Polaris!), and the show is made real with constant references to things like the awful song "Marmalade Cream."

    On the commentary track for "Day of the Dot," the show's creators/producers discuss how various aspects of the show (both brothers named Pete, Mom and Dad's first names, Mom's plate) are made mysterious because mystery is a part of childhood, and kids these days maybe know too much. I think that sums up "Pete and Pete" pretty perfectly: a piece of nostalgia for everyone, regardless of whether the viewer watched the show as a kid.
  • A very great show from the early 90's.

    A very great show from the early 90's.
    The Adventures of Pete and Pete was one of those shows that still has staying power to this day, even though it was aired in up till the mid 90's. The Adventures of Pete and Pete showcased some of the best writing around something hard to find in these days of “Reality TV” and kid shows. Most episodes have a central theme and thought a lesson, but kept it fun. I remember watching the show back in 1993 and really loving it, even though I did not get a lot of the themes to this show being I was only 6 it was still a really great show that boarder on the surreal. As I grow older and watch episodes of this show I remember a time when kids programing wasn’t all about slap stick humor and mindless jokes. A time when The First Kids Network had great writing and great shows.
    The Adventures of Pete and Pete will always live in my heart and mind for as long as I live for it is/was truly a great show.
  • A surreal mix of adventures two brothers go through on a daily bases!

    Now this show should've stayed on air even when they stopped showing new episodes.Pete and pete had an appeal that kids and adults can enjoy this show.The acting was great, the plots were refreshing and original, the characters even had their own funny quotes that match only their character (for example: little pete: vengeance will be mine,blowhole!)
    I laughed so hard i still think thats one of the most funniest and memorable quotes of any nickelodeon old school show.This show maybe old now,but i think it will suit even the younger ones today that havent even heard of it or ever seen something new quite like it.It isnt another teeny-booper or my so-called life show. Its actually original and had moments where kids can just goof off.In short, a show full of comedy,action,strange and original adventures, all packed in one episode
  • One of the weirdest, most unforgiving kid's shows. And I still watch it and love it at age 23.

    I have always had a love for Pete and Pete. I remember watching it when I was younger, and once it left TV, I don't think I realized how much I missed it until long after the days I stopped watching Nickelodeon, and starting growing up.

    It wasn't until recently that I remembered the show, and got my hands on the DVD. The show is just and weird and wild as I remember it.

    It only adds to the treat by seeing how many famous people were in the show, famous people I dind't even know when I first watched it.
  • What a great show...

    Just one of those shows that got canceled well before it's time. Every episode you see, no matter how often you see it, you'll always see something else going on in the background. Very original in it's writing and plot lines, and is only something that can be copied nowadays.
  • I was like 23 to 26 when this aired, so NOBODY KNOWS I WATCHED THIS

    Increidbly clever writing, and one of the best opening themes in all of TVdom. I've heard some of the creators went on to such projects as "Buffy:TVS". Wild characters doing things that looked like every kid should do. I never heard of flashlight tag before this show.
    Artie has to be one of the most iconic characters in any show, maybe him and Exedor from "Mork & Mindy".
    I still watch every fall and remember the summers I never had, or the things I never did. To this day I still want to get in a bear suit and drive the ball cart at a driving range.
    Probably one of the first shows to exibit that strange non sequitor humor (I still don't know how everything can be "pipe", is that good or just pipe). Interesting cameos, how did the even get Steve Buscemi, Janine Garaffalo, and Iggy Pop?
    Just sit back with the folks from Wellsville and everything will be pipe, my little vikings.
  • Possibly 1 of the best Nick Shows ever.

    If you try to make a list of the best Nick shows of all time (Animated or Live-Action)Pete and Pete will obviously be included.
    The reason it would be included in the list is because it was a normal show unlike most Nick shows now which are mostly about kids acting like adults by talking about things that they should not discuss like sex or make up at like the age of 7. It's like Nick Shows now are trying to influence kids now to do things like go to really late night parties, put on make-up to impress someone.
    That is the most important thing that the media has forgot now VALUES. The media has forgotten that they are making kids not act their age, some would talk about fighting someone just so that they can be happy, buying really expensive things just so that they can compete against their rivals.
    This is why Pete and Pete is one of the best Nick shows ever becuase they don't influence the wrong things they just talk about who they are
    what they do in their everyday lives unlike shows now which have too much fiction in it I mean if you were to ask a kid what they would want a Doll or make-up most kids would pick make-up due to influence but through allthis a show like Pete and Pete...well in a way shows what normal kids wopuld do if they had a bit of weird things happening intheir lives they wouldn't go as far as killing someone unlike Nick shows now because kids would not understand the whole subject. This is why shows like Pete and Pete should be shown again not only becuase it's entertaining but also because it shows proper influence.
  • A classic nick show

    I wasn't crazy about this show at first, but after giving it a chance I really liked it, It had a weird plot but thats what made it good, it had themes that people would not expect it a regular town, when the show first started it had Artie, which after a while kind of died down then it was just pete and his friends. Another thing I liked was that both brothers where named pete, how many parents whould give thier kids the same name.
  • What other people say about The Adventures of Pete & Pete doesn't bring it any justice. To give it anything less than a 10 would be an outrage.

    What other people say about The Adventures of Pete & Pete doesn't bring it any justice. To give it anything less than a 10 would be an outrage. What's good about it? If you need me to tell you what's good about it, it means you can't even tell the brilliance behind The Adventures of Pete & Pete. Nuff said.
  • This is so much fun.

    I love this show, but nick does not show it. Why, they don't like to show their good shows I guess. No they like the crappy shows that are on now. That's why I'm a classic nick fan. And not of the new nick shows. Sorry nick fans, but I do not like the new shows.
  • this is my favorite tv show.

    when they re-ran this show on noggin in 2002, I was hooked. It made me so mad that they took it off and put new stuff on. I was too young to remember the original run,though. This is way better than the new Nick shows. Avatar,Danny Phanthom,YUCK! Has Nick gotten that desparate? They seriously lost it in 1999. I have both of the dvds and I watch them everyday. My favoite episode is "Allnighter" but they didn't relase that DVD. The music is great, Polaris is soo cool. Some of the other music like The Magnetic fields, Apples In Stereo, and the show's own Syd Straw (a.k.a. Miss Fingerwood) is cool too. This is probably one of Nick's bests.
  • I get a funny feeling whenever I watch The Adventures of Pete & Pete on tv.

    I get a funny feeling whenever I watch The Adventures of Pete & Pete on tv. It sends a chill up my spine in a way that I can't quite describe. This time, it's no exception. When I picked this up during my visit to Blockbuster, I knew I was in for a treat as I have been so many times felt before. I was right! If you haven't gotten this yet, beg, steal, buy or do whatever you need to get it. You won't regret it.
  • One of the hidden gems of television from my past. This show reminds me of everything I loved about childhood.

    One of the hidden gems of television from my past. This show reminds me of everything I loved about childhood.

    The show was geared towards a young audience but so much of it was a humor that was way beyond anything I understood back when I was 14. After re-watching I realized just how much of this had a more adult age humor that was not based on sex and boob jokes.
    This really was one of those shows that if you missed out on it, you really missed out on it.
  • I love this show! I was once on the show as a backround person! I was really excited! I was paid $25. I was disapointed and I didn't blame the producer cause he only made $2,000 an episode. I have all the DVD's and I met the band polaris.thebandonthelawn.

    I love this show! I was once on the show as a backround person! I was really excited! I was paid $25. I was disapointed and I didn't blame the producer cause he only made $2,000 an episode. I have all the DVD's and I met the band polaris.The Band on the Lawn in front of the wrigly's house. In begining of the show. I also saw them live and it was awsome!
  • Everyday fantasy world.

    This show was one of my very favorates when I was a child, and it still is today.

    It was a fantasy with no special effects, we saw an Alternate America where phones, slushy drinks, or bowling balls are dangerously loaded with bad karma. Working the driving range as a range boy can mean certain death. Being able to time travel back in the hours once daylight savings time hits. Or a road trip to the Hover Dam can be a war for total supremacy. But most of all the characters were great they were interesting and you actually cared and emphisised with them. The show was a coming of age saga, all the experences and fights they had were metaphors on common fears and anxiety kids have while growing up.

    Older Pete was more down to earth. And Young Pete was a tough, gruff, rebel. Both of them were like comic book heroes who everyday always had to fight evil forces while just trying to make it though life okay. The villians/supervillans were always ordinary looked but somehow unusal and corrupt in a way. From a slimy aluminum salesman, Papercut a scummy cowboy/samurai who uses paper as a deadly weapon, or my favorate Endless Mike who has a rather daft first name and is evil to the core always for no apparent reason on an endless crusade making life hard for both Petes. Of course both Pete's allies at arms were Arte a Superman like character who doesn't physically look or ever dress like a superhero (he kind look like Waldo) but his actions always ring true to his words. Bus Driver Stu who suffers from endless depression due to breaking up one too many times with his significant other. Ellen, another down to earth character like Old Pete, but is somewhat vunerable in a way even she isn't fully immune to the strangness of Welsville. Nona (Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Michelle Trachtenberg) who just like Ellen is for Old Pete is a young female counterpart to Young Pete, sweet sometimes strange but can be just as tough and rebelious as Young Pete when the ocassion calls for it.

    Seasons 1 and 2 were really good. The story and characters constantly developed helping us give a sense of time knowing how much the characters have grown up. But unfortunately the show suffered misdirection in Season 3, even though there were still some good episodes in some places the story's direction seemed rather unfocused as if the writers didn't know where they wanted to take the show and a lot of things got lost in the process. For one thing key characters, Endless Mike, Ellen, Nona, and even Old Pete were hardly visable any more, it was a major blow because all four of them were one of the best things about the show. And even though Young Pete could carry the show out even he wasn't enough, there was only so much this guy could do. The focus of the season should of been more about Old Pete and Ellen's developing relationship to one another as well as Young Pete and Nonas developing friendship it would have been better. Another tragidy is this show never evolved to the Silver Screen, it would have made a better movie for Nick than any of the ones it currently has.

    Sadly, the show came to a rather untimely end. We never got to see the brothers coming of age journey evolve from children to men. Still both Pete and Pete have became mytholgical heroes that well never die, that still live in our hearts forever. Sure Harry Potter may dominate fantasy now, but these two came first and are still the best.
  • Love this show, I wish we could figure out what town/state this took place in

    I think this show was amazing, and the funniest part is how skewed of an imagination we have as young children. To wach thes first few season on dvd now and to realize how zany this show is, and to watch this show as a child and feel as if nothing is strange or odd in the neighborhood makes this show to be a masterpiece. The regard of the adolescent imagination this show has for its viewing audience is spectacular. I wish it was more easily attainable to the public, and I wish there were more forums concerning this show.
  • this must be back on tv like at 6pm or 8pm

    i feel bad for the kids this year they miss out all the good shows that use to be air in 1990 the days that tv was the best. i think this show needs to come back and nick needs to bring at least 12 olds shows back on air i miss this show and i want see it again because i miss some espisode of it.
  • Really cute!

    Back in the 80 and early 90's Nickalodion use to be a cable channel that was truly for a generation of youths and it was cool. What was unique about the cable channel was there were programs in which the young actually got to be the real stars of the show (and they carried it out well)and also one which had a lot of unique ideas for TV shows which despite budget were great. You had skit shows like You Can't Do That On Television and All That (The Early Years). Comidies: Salute your Shorts. Horror: Are you Afraid of the Dark. And many more out there. Now unfortunately when the late 90's arrived Nickalodon started to go down south and stopped becoming a channel for kids when it sold itself out to cartoon boorishness. Oh, if only we could go back when Nickalodion was still fresh and unique. Now we finally can thanks to the power of DVD with the re-release of the show The Adventures of Pete and Pete.

    This show has a rather strange yet colorful history. At first it started out as 1 or 2 min commercial shorts. When I watch them two things went on my mind. One, what the hell just happened and two this was the funniest and weirdest thing I've ever seen and I wanted more. Then the shorts turned into hour long TV specials which were even better because there was more story. But despite these things we felt these things would make the show a great TV show and our wait soon paid off. Basically the show is simply about two brothers that live in Wellsvile which looks like any ordinary suburbia but isn't it's full of weird obstacles, people, and evil that these two must content with everyday. This show works on many levels because despite a fantasy show, it has no special effects. This is a show that is focused on characters and story. What we see in this show is an alternate version of America where everything look ordinary but it isn't from the colorful and strange characters around to certain items and customs like a Time Vortex, Hazardous Parts of the road which can make your shoes stick and you'd never get up, bowling balls and slushy drinks loaded with bad karma, and others. And there are interesting, developing and emotional engaging characters; Older Pete whom is the regular man of the show, Younger Pete a tough as nails rebel, Ellen also down to earth but vulnerable, and Artie The Strongest Man in the world whom physically doesn't look strong and doesn't even look the part for that manner. But his actions ring true to his words. The storytelling style is excellent almost reads like a journal and a comic book. The show though all of that is actually a deep coming of age tale where most of the weirdness and adventure is metaphor. The two brothers are like comic book heroes forced everyday to contend with evil while discovering more about themselves and trying to get through life alright.

    This show also had lots of memorable episodes which weren't afraid to be different each time becoming both funny and dark at the same time as well as tackle different themes. Like Farewell My Little Viking which was the first two parter that took a rather unfun turn since it's about the cruel departure of Artie but shows what it means to be a true hero and to become your own hero. And then there's Yellow Fever which actually made Older Pete embrace his dark side, the episode tackled the issue on repressed inner beasts. Unfortunately the show's story began to suffer from misdirection when Season 3 arrived. The problem with it was certain key characters seemed to be missing mainly Older Pete and Ellen they both got a little lost in the shuffle, which was a shame since those two were the best characters in the show. Season 3 should have been focused on both character developing feelings of love for one another instead of always on Young Pete whom carried the season out pretty well but even his character could only go so far. Still the season work out well but then the story had to end. The biggest shame though is the show never had a Silver Screen adaption afterward. This show would have made a better first time movie for Nick than many of the ones that started coming out in the late 90's. All in all Pete and Pete was probably the last great Nickalodion show ever, it's style is echoed in movies and shows like Garden State, The Weather Man, Seinfeld, and more. But most of all it's a show that had a warm heart and soul.
  • Its so awesome.

    This show was as classic as all the other pre-2000 nick shows. It had two brothers Pete and Pete facing problems like school, clueless adults, april fools pranks etc... It had 3 seasons, seasons 1 and 2 were released onto DVD. Season 3 is either postponed or cancelled. Unfortunatly it was never quite as known as Kenan and Kel or All That. Probably because it wasn't filmed at Nickelodeon Studios Orlando Florida. Plus its been long since last aired remembered by Nick fans like me. This is my second favorite T.V. show putting TUGS in either Third or Fourth (don't ask). If you wish to watch some eps most are found at Google Video. Some at Dailymotion. Unfortunatly not at Youtube anymore :(. Ah well Pete & Pete 4 ever!
  • One of the best shows for kids, not only of the 90's but ever.

    Rarely is a show so weird and funny, without coming off as trying to be weird and funny, that kids, teens adults, and everyone else love the show years after it's ran it's course. Pete and Pete is one of those shows. It's characters are indellible, quirky, well acted, heartfelt, and despite some very odd character traits, plausible and human. The stories are never short of epic, and the writing is at times roll on the floor funny, at other's heart breakingly sad, and sometimes just simply awe inspiring. None of the character's are without their flaws, and the world is never split exactly into two halves. No just black and white. But yet the show manages to keep ahold of an amazing sense of simplicity. Lines are drawn and you always know what's at stake in each episode, but how you get there, and what happens next is something that only Pete and Pete can do in such a magical way.
  • A weird little show!

    Doring the 1990's, I spent my time watching Nicelodeon. One of the reason why I watch that kids channel is "the Adventure of Pete and Pete." A weird but funny little show abou two little brothers and the weird little neighborhood. I can recall someone dressing mup in a superhero costume just saving people on his block. But "Pete and Pete" is not just a comedy series for kids. It's a series for everyone who loves to laugh. I went to Nicoledon for other things and "the Adventures of Pete and Pete" is one very good reason why I watch Nicoledon.
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