The Adventures of Pete & Pete

Nickelodeon (ended 1996)


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  • Possibly 1 of the best Nick Shows ever.

    If you try to make a list of the best Nick shows of all time (Animated or Live-Action)Pete and Pete will obviously be included.
    The reason it would be included in the list is because it was a normal show unlike most Nick shows now which are mostly about kids acting like adults by talking about things that they should not discuss like sex or make up at like the age of 7. It's like Nick Shows now are trying to influence kids now to do things like go to really late night parties, put on make-up to impress someone.
    That is the most important thing that the media has forgot now VALUES. The media has forgotten that they are making kids not act their age, some would talk about fighting someone just so that they can be happy, buying really expensive things just so that they can compete against their rivals.
    This is why Pete and Pete is one of the best Nick shows ever becuase they don't influence the wrong things they just talk about who they are
    what they do in their everyday lives unlike shows now which have too much fiction in it I mean if you were to ask a kid what they would want a Doll or make-up most kids would pick make-up due to influence but through allthis a show like Pete and Pete...well in a way shows what normal kids wopuld do if they had a bit of weird things happening intheir lives they wouldn't go as far as killing someone unlike Nick shows now because kids would not understand the whole subject. This is why shows like Pete and Pete should be shown again not only becuase it's entertaining but also because it shows proper influence.
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