The Adventures of Pete & Pete

Nickelodeon (ended 1996)


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  • Really cute!

    Back in the 80 and early 90's Nickalodion use to be a cable channel that was truly for a generation of youths and it was cool. What was unique about the cable channel was there were programs in which the young actually got to be the real stars of the show (and they carried it out well)and also one which had a lot of unique ideas for TV shows which despite budget were great. You had skit shows like You Can't Do That On Television and All That (The Early Years). Comidies: Salute your Shorts. Horror: Are you Afraid of the Dark. And many more out there. Now unfortunately when the late 90's arrived Nickalodon started to go down south and stopped becoming a channel for kids when it sold itself out to cartoon boorishness. Oh, if only we could go back when Nickalodion was still fresh and unique. Now we finally can thanks to the power of DVD with the re-release of the show The Adventures of Pete and Pete.

    This show has a rather strange yet colorful history. At first it started out as 1 or 2 min commercial shorts. When I watch them two things went on my mind. One, what the hell just happened and two this was the funniest and weirdest thing I've ever seen and I wanted more. Then the shorts turned into hour long TV specials which were even better because there was more story. But despite these things we felt these things would make the show a great TV show and our wait soon paid off. Basically the show is simply about two brothers that live in Wellsvile which looks like any ordinary suburbia but isn't it's full of weird obstacles, people, and evil that these two must content with everyday. This show works on many levels because despite a fantasy show, it has no special effects. This is a show that is focused on characters and story. What we see in this show is an alternate version of America where everything look ordinary but it isn't from the colorful and strange characters around to certain items and customs like a Time Vortex, Hazardous Parts of the road which can make your shoes stick and you'd never get up, bowling balls and slushy drinks loaded with bad karma, and others. And there are interesting, developing and emotional engaging characters; Older Pete whom is the regular man of the show, Younger Pete a tough as nails rebel, Ellen also down to earth but vulnerable, and Artie The Strongest Man in the world whom physically doesn't look strong and doesn't even look the part for that manner. But his actions ring true to his words. The storytelling style is excellent almost reads like a journal and a comic book. The show though all of that is actually a deep coming of age tale where most of the weirdness and adventure is metaphor. The two brothers are like comic book heroes forced everyday to contend with evil while discovering more about themselves and trying to get through life alright.

    This show also had lots of memorable episodes which weren't afraid to be different each time becoming both funny and dark at the same time as well as tackle different themes. Like Farewell My Little Viking which was the first two parter that took a rather unfun turn since it's about the cruel departure of Artie but shows what it means to be a true hero and to become your own hero. And then there's Yellow Fever which actually made Older Pete embrace his dark side, the episode tackled the issue on repressed inner beasts. Unfortunately the show's story began to suffer from misdirection when Season 3 arrived. The problem with it was certain key characters seemed to be missing mainly Older Pete and Ellen they both got a little lost in the shuffle, which was a shame since those two were the best characters in the show. Season 3 should have been focused on both character developing feelings of love for one another instead of always on Young Pete whom carried the season out pretty well but even his character could only go so far. Still the season work out well but then the story had to end. The biggest shame though is the show never had a Silver Screen adaption afterward. This show would have made a better first time movie for Nick than many of the ones that started coming out in the late 90's. All in all Pete and Pete was probably the last great Nickalodion show ever, it's style is echoed in movies and shows like Garden State, The Weather Man, Seinfeld, and more. But most of all it's a show that had a warm heart and soul.
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