The Adventures of Pete & Pete

Nickelodeon (ended 1996)


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  • A surreal mix of adventures two brothers go through on a daily bases!

    Now this show should've stayed on air even when they stopped showing new episodes.Pete and pete had an appeal that kids and adults can enjoy this show.The acting was great, the plots were refreshing and original, the characters even had their own funny quotes that match only their character (for example: little pete: vengeance will be mine,blowhole!)
    I laughed so hard i still think thats one of the most funniest and memorable quotes of any nickelodeon old school show.This show maybe old now,but i think it will suit even the younger ones today that havent even heard of it or ever seen something new quite like it.It isnt another teeny-booper or my so-called life show. Its actually original and had moments where kids can just goof off.In short, a show full of comedy,action,strange and original adventures, all packed in one episode