The Adventures of Pete & Pete

Season 3 Episode 13


Aired Unknown Dec 28, 1995 on Nickelodeon

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  • Pete and Pete's final adventure.

    Yeah this is the final episode of the show, personally I wished it wasn't I really felt the show could of had more done heck may'be even a silver screen movie but it couldn't be helped, if the creators knew third season was going to be the final season then there would of been a bigger send off, may'be another hour long speical but oh well this episode was probably in my opinion the last great episode it has ever brought in the end.

    There isn't much to say about the episode, it's sort of formated like the film "Pulp Fiction" where different things happen in different places all in a condenced amount of time. If there is a bad thing about the episode I felt it was Wayne's storyline which I thought was kinda lame, I don't know it could just be me Wayne personally has never been one of my favorate characters but still I felt a better storyline could of taken it's place.

    But the rest of them are great Older Pete getting a hair cut which results in disaster, though I felt the best ones were these three. A daft plot where Monica is hunting for an evil ninja and has even got a real sword for the job, how the heck she could of got that legally is anyones guess. Another daft plot where Ellen in a bunny suit for no reason having to deliver the pizza on time, why the heck she's in one is beyond me it's not even Easter time. I have only two concluions to this, one the bunny is the store's mascot and two Ellen forgot her jacket and may'be that costume she got in probably a storage closet was just the warmest thing to wear I don't know. And the best one for me was the even dafter plot where Stu Benidict had to content with an evil trafic light that almost seems to have a mind of it's own.

    Two of my favorate moment were how Stu was just losing it to the trafic light, I love how he acts melodramatic toward his dilema as if it was some sort of tragidy. But even how the light would turn green at the most inconveniant times and then suddenly turn red as if it's just mocking him.

    And finally loved the moment when Monica mistakes Ellen as the evil Ninja assasin she was hunting for and was chasing down Ellen with the sword.

    But of course it all comes together in the end. So this episode was a good send off, I'm going to miss the show but Pete and Pete have had their final adventure and won, their everyday adventure saga will never be forgoten nor will our own.
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