The Adventures of Pete & Pete - Season 0

Nickelodeon (ended 1996)


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Episode Guide

  • Valentines Day Massacre
    Ellen starts spending more time with Open Face, Pete's rival, after she learns that Pete has a crush on Mrs. Fingerwood. In order to gain power, Open Face tries to get Ellen to divulge a secret abuot Pete- the fact that he accidentally killed Edna, a squid that served as the school's mascot.moreless
  • Halloween
    Episode 22
    The evil Hat Head is smashing all of the local pumpkins. Artie, the Strongest Man...In the World must put a stop to this!
  • The Dot
    The Dot
    Episode 21
    Ellen prepares to be a dot for an upcoming band performance.
  • The Launch
    The Launch
    Episode 20
    Big Pete, Little Pete, and Ellen launch a rocket.
  • What Would You Do For a Dollar?
    Little Pete, Big Pete, Ellen, and another boy all play the game What Would You Do For a Dollar?. They also discuss about all of the things that Little Pete has done in the past for a buck.
  • The Punishment
    The Punishment
    Episode 18
    Pete crosses the line with Dad after he decides to wax the lawn as a Father's Day gift.
  • Route 34
    Route 34
    Episode 17
    Instead of getting a fun summer job, Big Pete ends up mowing the long stretch of grass that runs down Route 34.
  • Mom's Plate
    Mom's Plate
    Episode 16
    This short featured the metal plate located inside of Mom's head and the many uses for it.
  • Pete-Less
    Episode 15
    While painting parts of the human body for a model, Ellen gets her feelings hurt after giving Pete a valentine. He says that the heart-shaped valentine is about the average size of an older, male baboon's heart. This causes her to go to Little Pete for advice.
  • Pete's Theory
    Pete's Theory
    Episode 14
    Little Pete believes that the first man to swin the English Channel was Santa Claus. In an attempt to humor him, Mr. Wrigley dresses up like Santa Claus and plans to swim himself.
  • Space, Geeks, and Johnny Unitas
    Ellen and Big Pete are stuck doing reports on different topics for their end of the year projects in science class. When Ellen has trouble finding an alien for her project, the school geek might be able to provide the answers to her questions.
  • What We Did On Our Summer Vacation
    After the Petes and Ellen scare away Mr. Tastee, the ice cream man, they go on a search to bring him back to Wellsville.
  • Freeze Tag
    Freeze Tag
    Episode 12
    After playing a game of freeze tag, no one thinks to unfreeze Pete. He spends an entire night outside, frozen.
  • Apocalypse Pete
    Apocalypse Pete
    Episode 10
    There's a neighborhood war between Mr. Wrigley and Ellen's dad, Mr. Hickle. They both try to get the best of each other by numerous pranks during their 'Great Prank War.' The war later ensues to a race between the Wrigley's station and a little Mr. Hickle doll driving a remote controlled car.moreless
  • X-Mas Eve
    X-Mas Eve
    Episode 9
    It's Christmas time, and Little Pete gets the same gift that he got last year- a fish wrapped up in paper. Little Pete and Big Pete spy on dad on Christmas Eve. He opens his gift, a glow-in-the-dark discus, in secret and plays with it for hours.
  • X-Ray Man
    X-Ray Man
    Episode 8
    After Little Pete stares at a lunar eclipse, Big Pete realizes that his brother has X-Ray vision. This becomes especially apparent when he catches Little Pete watching television outside of the house.
  • The Burping Room
    The Burping Room
    Episode 7
    When Dad gets sick of Little Pete's constant burping, he builds Pete a special room in which to burp. He learns his lesson, but Big Pete still sees him collecting burps in a bag in the backyard.
  • StareMaster
    Episode 6
    Little Pete shows off all of his tricks for a staring contest. Afterwards, you get to go head to head with Little Pete.
  • Artie, the Strongest Man... in the World!
    A short all about Artie, the Strongest the World and his poly-cotton blend outfit.
  • Artie's Workout
    Artie's Workout
    Episode 4
    Artie demonstrates the best way to get a good workout.
  • New Year's Pete
    New Year's Pete
    Episode 3
    Little Pete doesn't understand the thrill of celebrating New Year's Eve. He becomes a crossing guard, but he loses all of the regular crossing guards trust when he charges people to cross the street. After he sees how lonely the crossing guard is, never being able to celebrate New Year's Eve, he decides to make a celebration for the two of them.moreless
  • Revenge of the Petes
    Artie must save the Petes from the evil bully Hat Head.
  • The Big Race
    The Big Race
    Episode 1
    Mr. Wrigley and Mr. Hickle get into an argument, causing them to duke it out in a race.