The Adventures of Pete & Pete - Season 3

Nickelodeon (ended 1996)


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Episode Guide

  • 35 Hours
    35 Hours
    Episode 1
    When the Petes get left home alone for 35 hours, younger Pete screws it up by selling the house to the Krechmars, an extremely nice family.
  • The Trouble With Teddy
    Pete invites Teddy to stay over at the Wrigleys while Teddy's parents are out of town. Pretty soon after, everything that Teddy does begins to annoy the family.
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Lucky
    In a parody of Stand by Me, Younger Pete, after having his lucky penny "die", puts it under the Midnight Express train to make it lucky again, aided by his friends Nona, Monica, and Wayne. Meanwhile, Pit Stain and his cronies Hairnet and Drawstring want to find the penny too so Pete will never have his good luck again.moreless
  • Splashdown!
    Episode 4
    Younger Pete gets on his brother's bad side as he tries to make them cancel adult swim at the city pool. The trouble is, Older Pete is trying to keep his job as a lifeguard at the pool.
  • Dance Fever
    Dance Fever
    Episode 5
    Younger Pete attends his first dance. He spends most of his time there in the bathroom, charging people to see his gut juice. Meanwhile, Older Pete tries to get closer to the members of the band (played by Luscious Jackson) and Nona tries to avoid her father.
  • Crisis in the Love Zone
    It seems like everyone is the town is falling in love. Younger Pete falls in love with the mail lady, Eunice Puell. Older Pete falls hard for a tennis player.
  • Last Laugh
    Last Laugh
    Episode 7
    It's April 1st and little Pete has planned the best April Fool's joke ever. With the help of Nona, Monica the KrebScout, Wayne, and surprisingly, Pit Stain and his cronies, he pulls off the mother of all pranks. The butt of his joke? Principal Swinger and a group of eight singers that come to the school annually to promote hygiene.moreless
  • Allnighter
    Episode 8
    Younger Pete and his friends, Monica and Wayne, get trapped in the school after it's locked up for the night.
  • Road Warrior
    Road Warrior
    Episode 9
    Older Pete and some of his classmates have an interesting time taking a Driver's Ed course taught by the shop teacher, Mr. Slurm.
  • Pinned!
    Episode 10
    Older Pete joins the wrestling team in hopes of getting his varsity letter.
  • O' Christmas Pete
    O' Christmas Pete
    Episode 11
    Younger Pete wants to make Christmas last even longer. Unfortunately, there's a garbage man who loves to get rid of Christmas trees.
  • Das Bus
    Das Bus
    Episode 12
    In order to get closer to Penelope Ghiruto, Older Pete decides to spend career week following Bus Driver Stu.
  • Saturday
    Episode 13
    The gang spends a typical Saturday in Wellsville. Ellen tries to deliver a pizza dressed as a bunny, Wayne tries to keep his new white sneakers clean, Monica keeps the streets safe as she looks for an evil ninja, Big Pete gets a haircut, and Bus Driver Stu gets frustrated with a traffic light that rarely changes to green, and when it does, won't stay that way for more than a few seconds.moreless