The Adventures of Pete & Pete

Season 3 Episode 4


Aired Unknown Jan 01, 1995 on Nickelodeon

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  • Water War

    This is another one of the last great episodes of the show as well as the last time we see a Pete vs. Pete battle. It's war once again for the two brothers, they both have new reasons for it. For Older Pete it's to climb the corperate ladder and become the Summer King, not to mention getting a girl he's attracted to. But for Young Pete it's to destroy Adult Swim and to bring equality to the pool.

    This episode is one of the funniest ever because there is never one dull moment. It's funny just seeing both Pete and Pete play a game of Spy vs. Spy against each other. From Older Pete setting up a Mr. Tastee decoy which results in another of one of the most fun and weardest chase scenes once again with the show. To even Young Pete efforts which unfortunately become feutal at first but it all builds up to the big bomb he is about to drop. Or even the investigation into finding the Urinenator, where overachiving scout Monica as Old Pete's assistant helps out but pops up at the wrong times which was funny. Shame their couldn't of been more on this dynamic both are an interesting duo, if they had more season it could of happened but oh well.

    I'll admit though the only weekness with the episode was Ellen didn't have much to do. She felt almost more like window dressing than a friend to help Old Pete.

    This episode is basically a metaphor showing the funtamental problem of becoming an adult, how adults as they assend the steps of adulthood can lose touch with the memories of their childhood and betray their own ideals and identity. And why we must have a balance of both in order to spiritual flurish.

    As Older Pete climbs up the corporate we see he's in danger of losing his own soul, he truely starts to become spiritually weaker, act less like the person we know and becomes someone not just Young Pete but ourselves don't like. While Young Pete the underdog hero he is starts to become more powerful because he stayed true to his ideals. I'll admit I found myself routing for Young Pete to win and for Old Pete to lose because I honestly didn't want Old Pete to win.

    Even though I liked their battle for the bowling ball, I liked this battle even more.
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