The Adventures of Pete & Pete

Season 2 Episode 3

The Call

Aired Unknown Oct 09, 1994 on Nickelodeon

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  • Showdown with an evil phone.

    This adventure is constructed like a Western/Samurai epic where a rag tag bunch of cowboys or samurai would help a town in trouble. This rag tag bunch is lead by Young Pete with the help of Artie, Nona, and a few others on a quest to save the town from the bad karma the acursed ringing phone has produced, and unfortunately in their journey they do take causulties one by one to the last man in a final showdown.

    There is even a parallel subplot adventure that is constructed sort of like a noir mystery where Older Pete is like a P.I. whose busness is slow until he gets a call to help out a Phone Crisis Center which is like a form of Police to stop the rampant chaos plaguing the town. He launches an investigation to track down the person the call was ment for so everything is set right.

    What I like about this episode was how it was both ridiculously funny, for example seeing both Ellen and Old Pete use a bike as a shield against a Mail Lady that has lost her mind and is throwing envilope which produce deadly paper cuts, both characters act as though their in some kind of shootout. Also rather painful because from the continaual orange color thoughout the episode you couldn't but feel the heat how hot and unconfortable it truely is. It helped artistically because it was ironic metaphor from the grip of fear and anxiety everyone was going though. The episode theme was basically about fear and why it's important to overcome it despite how we feel. We see two types of heroism in dealing with the problem; from Older Pete it was more non direct and for Young Pete it was direct. Both had something in common in the episode
    they both felt fear and yet they knew they had to go on, even if it cost them their lives they had to solve the problem so things would get better, because they couldn't live in fear forever, nor can anyone else in life.
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