The Adventures of Pete & Pete

Season 2 Episode 11

Yellow Fever

Aired Unknown Dec 11, 1994 on Nickelodeon

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  • Bus Trip to Hell

    Sometimes in school bus trips long or short you can discover a lot about someone, hidden sides of them either positive or negative. This episode is my second favorate, it's both funny as usual but also very dark and takes a rather unfun turn. This episode theme is on repressed internal beasts, everyones darksides. But also rebirth.

    What creates evil or makes good people embrace their darkside, we see that mainly it is created due to many things. In a way Pete's journey is somewhat similar to Martin Sheen in "Apocalipse Now". Just as the hellish enviorment and the experences make Sheen's character go though a slow transformation discovering things within himself he never thought were there, Pete also goes though some process of self discovery along the way. He discovers he actually has feelings which extend more than friendship for Ellen, but feels his chance at discovery is robbed and he will lose Ellen to the secret admirer. Whether he knows it or not the thought is tearing his soul apart and igniting an anger which is not going to stay on hold. He soon unintentually makes friends with his worst enemy Endless Mike who litterally speaks to his darkside, getting Pete to do things he normally wouldn't do.

    It's both great, funny and at the same time a little unsettling seeing Pete decend into darkness. We know he is a good person but he's only guilty of doing bad things and is one step away from going into the darkside. Athough the really cheerful moments were with Wendall Hyde who is a positive force in the episode, he's sort of a Frank Sinatra like singer and he of course serves as a plot device later.

    The cinamatorgraphy as well as the audio in some places seem, similar to the ones in David Lynch's "Blue Velvet" making the world around the characters seem somewhat distorted and out of sorts. Like in a scene where Pete flicked Mark Twibbs ear, everything is in slow motion he looks at his hand as if he had a knive in his hand with both remorse and shock as if he just killed someone and thinking "what have I done" and then looks at Ellen in slow audio saying "I'll never talk to you again." almost like the words have given Pete some sort of blow.
    Even the enviorment reflects the psyche of Pete, the discolored leaves red and brown look almost like flames as if Pete is in Hell, the burning anger within him, and from his robbed chances with Ellen it's as if something in him as well as the beauty around the world has died. The name of the school bus is ironic as well, since Yellow Fever is the name of a plague which has killed thousands, that is always how a darkside within us operates like a incurable plague which infects someone slowly destroying them and theres nothing they can really do about it. Then there is the animated butterfly which acts as a positve symbol and foreshadowing for rebirth.

    In the end it ended happily for Pete who thought the painful journey in the end goes though a rebirth. Where he is once again a good man but more wiser and stronger. We all have darksides but there is also light at the end of the tunnel.
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