The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin

ABC (ended 1959)





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  • Rin Tin Tin

    I loved the adventures of Rin Tin Tin and have searched the internet for the show. found one in english on youtube the rest were in spanish. Can anyone tell me where I can get copies of this show. I watch them and yoooooo Rinty rings in my heart and I feel 7 years old again.
  • I was a huge fan of Rin Tin Tin. I grew up in Ireland and we did not have a television until I was 10 yrs old. So, I used to go to a neigbors house to watch it. Yes,the show played on television in Ireland.

    I cannot review any particular show at this time because it has been at least 40 years since I saw one, but I loved everyone of them. I named my dog Rin Tin Tin and when my neighbors allowed it he watched with me. Where can I see episodes of Rin Tin Tin? Are DVDs availabele anywhere? I would love to watch it with my son. Is it on cable television anywhere? If it is not it should be. I wish TV Land would show episodes of Rin Tin Tin. I know it will probably be different to watch as an adult, but I would really love to watch it with my son.
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