The Adventures of Robin Hood

ITV (ended 1958)




Episode Guide

  • Season 4
    • Trapped
      Episode 26
      Sir Marmont seizes travelers, tries them on false charges, and if they are unable to pay the heavy fine he imposes, sentences them to work for him. Robin Hood then falls into his clutches.
    • Double Trouble
      Episode 25
      Friar Tuck's identical twin brother, Edgar, is back in Nottingham. Edgar is a rogueish fellow, and has agreed to help the Deputy Sheriff to trap Robin Hood.
    • 10/29/60
      Sir Bligh Denton, a wealthy merchant, learns that his daughter Judith's suitor plans to visit her. Robin, escaping from the Sheriff's men, enters the house and is mistaken for the man.
    • The Pharaoh Stones
      The Pharaoh Stones
      Episode 23

      A pedlar sells Little John three dice-like stones, which, he claims, tell the owner his fortune. Little John puts them to the test, and is convinced of their mysterious powers.

    • 10/15/60
      Robin gets an important message from the Duchess of Brittany, who is taking the King's son to Northumberland to be received as the rightful heir to the throne. Fearing trouble from Prince John, she wants Robin and his men to escort them.
    • 10/8/60
      Robin thinks his skill with the bow is without equal - until a former crusader, Boland, makes an appearance in Sherwood Forest.
    • The Champion
      Episode 20
      Marian tells Robin that, following the death of her father, supposedly slain in the Holy Land, her estate is to be taken over, at the Sheriff's suggestion, by Sir Guy Quentin. But Robin has other ideas.
    • Hue And Cry
      Episode 19
      The Deputy Sheriff is set upon by a masked man and his gold chain of office stolen. On learning the identity of his attacker, he orders nine men from a neighboring village to hunt him down.
    • Hostage For A Hangman
      The Deputy Sheriff arranges a meeting with Robin and tells him that unless he surrenders, he will arrest two serfs the next morning and hang them, and will repeat the process daily until he does surrender.
    • The Parting Guest
      Episode 17
      Duncan of Stoneykirk is still the rather unwelcome guest of Robin and his men. His wild, unpredictable behavior and his interest in Marian are worrying to Robin.
    • The Bagpiper
      Episode 16
      Duncan of Stoneykirk, the wild Highland clansman, is back in Sherwood Forest. He was rather troublesome on his last visit, not only to his enemies, but also to his friends. Will things be different this time?
    • 8/28/60
      To gather first-hand knowledge of outlaw life for a journal he is writinng, Sir Geoffrey Claire and his manservant Herbert pose as outlaws, and join Robin Hood in Sherwood Forest.
    • 8/21/60
      On returning to Sherwood Forest, Little John is angry to discover that his place as Robin's right-hand man has been taken by Will Scarlett. To make matters worse, Will beats John in a wrestling match, and the big man strides off into the forest angrier than ever. The Deputy Sheriff hears of it and plans to take advantage of Little John's discontent.moreless
    • The Charm Pedlar
      Episode 13
      A charm pedlar arrives in Nottingham. To Robin he seems harmless, but Friar Tuck discovers the man is a trickster, selling the villagers useless potions. Robin thinks of a plan to stop the pedlar's activities.
    • The Oath
      Episode 12
      The Deputy Sheriff suspects Friar Tuck of being in league with Robin Hood, and plans to trap the Friar. But he underestimates Tuck's intelligence.
    • The Debt
      Episode 11
      Robin searches for an outlaw, Martin, who has been posing as one of his men and robbing innocent people in the Sherwood area.
    • The Truce
      Episode 10
      The Deputy Sheriff is usually hostile to Robin, but now he wants his help.
    • 7/17/60
      Robin uncovers Sir Watkyn's plot to extort large sums of money from the peasants.
    • Tuck's Love Day
      Episode 8
      Friar Tuck is in trouble with his Abbot. He has been unable to collect money for the church. In despair, he goes to Robin for help and advice.
    • 1/9/60
      At the 'Blue Boar Inn', Robin meets a strange knight playing a harp, and decides not to interrupt the newcomer. But when a crossbow bolt flies through the window, narrowly missing thew knight, Robin thinks he should make his presence known.
    • The Loaf
      Episode 6
      The Sheriff learns that in London there is a great demand for flour, and high prices are being paid for it. This gives him an idea that will improve his finances - though the Nottingham poor will suffer.
    • 12/19/59
      The Sheriff is to be sent to London for a few months, and a deputy is to replace him in Nottingham. Will the new Sheriff be as tyrannical as the old one? Robin and Will Scarlett are out searching for Alan-a-Dale, who has failed to return to camp, when they see a group of horsemen with a young yeoman prisoner. They decide to help the captive.moreless
    • A Touch Of Fever
      Episode 4
      Robin and his men capture three knights riding through Sherwood Forest. Difficulties arise when Marian recognises one of them as her cousin.
    • The Lady-Killer
      Episode 3
      Robin is out hunting with Derwent when he sees his old friend Will Scarlett stalking a deer. Before Robin can join him, two foresters arrive and arrest Will for poaching.
    • 11/28/59
      Lord Giles of Richmond, in Nottingham to supervise the collection of outstanding taxes, sees an opportunity to increase his own wealth, when he sees Lord Eilmer, an elderly, harmless eccentric, carrying out scientific experiments in the market-place.
    • Sybella
      Episode 1
      On his way to join King Richard in the Holy Land, the Earl of Steyne is ambushed by Baron Onslow, and killed. Onslow changes clothes with the dead Earl, and posing as him, rides to Nottingham, with the Earls' letter of introduction from Robin to the King. What is he plotting?moreless
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