The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (1950)

(ended 1955)




Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • 10/17/55
      Cold-hearted Mr. Harringway is so opposed to his stepdaughter marrying Tom Vernon that he offers the young man money to go away. When Harrington is found dead from strychnine poisoning, Lestrade locks up Tom, a chemist, charging him with murder. The Harringway's housekeeper comes to Holmes for help, convinced that Tom could never do such a thing, despite the evidence otherwise.moreless
    • 9/19/55
      Watson's examination of a body found in the Thames reveals he was crushed to death and missing an eye tooth. The doctor had just found a lost diamond tooth by the river. Believing the man was from South America, Holmes and Watson disguise themselves as sailors head to a bar down at the docks. There they encounter the killer and his bone-breaking method of murder.moreless
    • The Case of the Unlucky Gambler
      Young Andrew Fenwick hires Holmes to find his father, Herbert, who's been missing for three weeks. Holmes and Watson discover he was a gambler who needed to hide from his impatient debtors. To catch Mr. Fenwick and bring him back to his family, Holmes get Lestrade to make a false arrest during a stakeout at one of the man's favorite pubs.moreless
    • The Case of the Neurotic Detective
      Watson is alarmed by Holmes stranger-than-usual behavior: hiding a necklace in his humidor, taking a date to a formal affair and refusing to help Lestrade capture the criminals stealing England's state secrets and valuables. After employing disguises and old-fashioned snooping, Watson convinces Lestrade that Holmes is the evil genius behind all the thefts.moreless
    • The Case of the Haunted Gainsborough
      Malcolm MacGregan will lose his family's Scottish castle if he can't make the mortgage payment, by midnight. His attempts to find a buyer for the Gainsborough portrait of his ancestor Heather have failed because her ghost keeps appearing to curse anyone who takes the painting. Holmes believes the haunting has more to do with the greedy mortgage holder than an actual spirit.moreless
    • 6/27/55
      While visiting King Conrad in his Balkan nation, his highness requests Holmes and Watson to prove his innocence when Prince Stephan of a neighboring country dies suddenly at dinner. The circumstantial clues implicate the king, so he has the two tossed into a dungeon cell. Princess Antonia, widow of the prince, attracts suspicion because of her previous love affair with Conrad.moreless
    • Candidate Jeffery Bourne is being blackmailed with false abuse charges by a woman he met through a marriage bureau. Holmes and a reluctant Watson investigate the agency by posing as lonely hearts, with Holmes claiming to be a very rich one. As expected, he's promptly blackmailed as well, but is unexpectedly tossed into jail. It's up to Watson and Lestrade to burglarize the bureau and find some evidence.moreless
    • Set to die at dawn for the murder of his wife, Edward Brighton calls for Sherlock Homes. Edward explains that following a minor tiff with Phyllis, he returned home to find her dead. A clue overlooked by the police leads Holmes and Watson to the seedy part of town, part of the murdered woman's past. At a theatrical performance of Othello, the great detective finds his man treading the boards.moreless
    • The Case of the Exhumed Client
      Sir Charles Farnsworth's will states that Holmes is to investigate his death. He died in the cursed tower his heir, George Welbourne, had dared him to spend the night. When his body is exhumed he is found not to have died from a heart attack as Dr. Henry Reeves said, but from arsenic poisoning. Charles' sister, Elizabeth, and his ward, Sylvia Taylor, are also suspect. Lestrade wants to arrest Sylvia because she bought the grapes which were the last thing Sir Charles ate.moreless
    • 5/23/55
      The body of a sought-after spy is found on a London street; in his pocket is a French coin and a note for an appointment that morning. Holmes keeps the dead man's appointment, which leads him, Watson and Lestrade to the top of the Eiffel Tower. Before the case is closed, the three in up in a French nightclub full of scandalous showgirls, to the embarrassment of Watson, and a riot, which Lestrade enjoys starting.moreless
    • The Case of the Impostor Mystery
      Holmes and Watson return from a vacation to learn that a Holmes impersonator has been been at work. The phony told Lestrade to guard one jewelry store while he robbed another and stole valuables from a client he told to hide valuables in a biscuit jar. Setting a trap for the imposter, Watson poses as the visiting Maharaja of Gandoor who's traveling with his huge collection of jewels. As hoped, the master of disguise visits, posing as a reporter, and agrees to introduce the maharaja to the great (fake) Holmes.moreless
    • 5/9/55
      Jessie Hoper is sure her late husband William did not hang himself while on a business trip to Scotland. Holmes and Watson travel to Glasgow, meet with Lestrade's inspector cousin MacDougal, and confirm it was a murder by examining the hanging rope. Holmes also learns of a traumatic experience from William's childhood, the murder of his grandfather, that would provide the motivation for the crime. William must have encountered his grandfather's murderer and recognized the man.moreless
    • 3/2/55
      On their first wedding anniversary, Russel Partridge informs his wife that he will kill her tomorrow night at 9 o'clock--and that she will be his eighth victim. Believing Janet's story, Holmes has the couple's house searched by Scotland Yard, but nothing incriminating is found. Holmes comes to Janet's aid just before her scheduled time of death, sure her husband is a precise man of his word.moreless
    • A baby in a basket is delivered to the bachelors at 221B Baker Street. The child was sent by Mme. Durand, wife of the kidnapped French inventor, for safe keeping. Holmes deduces the Durands have been taken by representatives of a foreign government anxious to possess Dr. Durand's new creation, the submarine. Once they determine which country, Holmes and Watson use an ingenious plan to gain entry to their embassy; they simply walk in announced.moreless
    • The Case of the Violent Suitor
      As newspaper columnist "Aunt Lottie", Alex Doogle advised a young lady not to marry her violent fiance. The angry man showed up at the office, gave Alex a black eye, and ordered him to tell the woman he'd given bad advice. Alex seeks Holmes' help to stop the wedding after recognizing the fiance as Jack Murdock, a brutal criminal who's after the wealthy heiress' money. Homes thinks there's even more to the story considering the recent death of the young woman's father.moreless
    • 4/11/55
      Holmes calls this adventure "The Problem of the Boy Who Didn't Want to Go to School," but it turns out to be much more, with kidnapping and attempted murder at the circus. Paul, the son and heir of timber king Lars "Ripsaw" Winmaster, escapes his governess, Lydia Kendle, while being carried to school on Holmes' and Watson's train. Lars' brother Cecil is next in line to inherit a fortune should something happen to the boy.moreless
    • The Christmas Pudding

      When John Henry Norton is sentenced for murdering his first five wives, he threatens to kill Homes before he hangs. He also requests a Christmas pudding from Bess, wife number six. After she delivers the pudding, he makes his escape and goes after Holmes to make good on his threat.

    • 3/14/55
      Holmes and Watson are called to Arno, France, by Mlle. Grande, where Anton, an eight-year-old schoolboy has written in chalk the names of several men on the steps of the town church on the night of the full moon -- and they have all died. The local witch, Madam Sule, is the prime suspect, but then so too is the new schoolmaster. The most likely next victims are the count and the doctor.moreless
    • London is beset by a series of deadly fires started by an arsonist demanding 50,000 pounds from the city. To prove he's serious, he vows that another will occur at 6PM that evening. Holmes, Watson, and Lastrade work frantically to determine the location of that bomb before it goes off and another blaze begins.

    • The Case of the Careless Suffragette
      Doreen Meredith hires an anarchist to build a small bomb to blow up a statue, her suffragette group's way of protesting their latest defeat in Parliament. The bomb, hidden in a croquet ball, kills Mr. Pimpleton, Earl of Clairborough, and the leader against women voting. Holmes believes the person who slipped the bomb among Pimpleton's balls was not motivate by politics, but by their place in line to receive his title. The suspects include Doreen, her fiance who was Pimpleton's secretary, the bomb maker, and the leader of the suffragette group.moreless
    • Watson contacts Inspector Lestrade after he hasn't seen Holmes for two days. Watson and Lestrade search Holmes room for clues as to what he was working on and begin to follow his trail.
    • 2/14/55

      A serial killer is on the loose in London. So far, he's murdered six young women, each time leaving thistles behind. Holmes and company race to identify and capture the lunatic before he takes the life of a seventh victim.

    • The Case of the Laughing Mummy
      While taking the train to the country for a fishing trip, Holmes and Watson meet Reggie Taunton an old schoolmate of the latters. Reggie asks for their help in solving the mystery of a laughing mummy sent by his uncle in Egypt that threatens his engagement to his finace Rowena.
    • Holmes and Watson are called to investigate Miss Channing's missing fiance,. The man apparently discovered the secret of a hidden treasure belonging to King Richard II which Laird Greystone wants to keep at any cost.

    • 1/24/55

      Guy Durham loses control of his step-daughter Betty's wealth on the day she marries. Oddly, she's been seeing frightening apparitions since her engagement. Her fiance thinks something is fishy and goes to see Holmes, but is gunned down in the street. Holmes, Watson and Lestrade head to the shady mental hospital where Guy has Betty committed before she's put away for good.

    • The Case of the French Interpreter
      A French interpreter is repeatedly taken at gunpoint to a residence somewhere outside of London. He's ordered to translate between to Englishmen and a Frenchman they are holding hostage. The captors are starving the man until he signs over the wealth of his sister.
    • 1/10/54
      Brian O'Casey is desperate. He holds 1/3 of a winning lottery ticket and if he can't find Albert Snow (one of the other holders) before the end of the day, he'll never be able to get back to Irland.
    • While out on a walk, Holmes and Watson come upon an injured man wearing only one shoe and carrying a young woman.

    • 12/27/54
      Mr Wilson becomes a member of the 'Red-Headed League' after he see a job advertisment in the paper. Mr Wilson gets the job and gets four pounds per week to sit and copy the dictionary. He asks Sherlock Holmes to investigate after the league is dissolved after 8 weeks without any notice and his employer, Mr Duncan Ross, also disappears.moreless
    • 12/20/54
      Margaret Martini's finacee, Richard Trevor, has gone missing, but the trail to his whereabouts after escorting a little lost girl home leads to seven other murders and a very unlikely murderer. Holmes tries to feed divinity fudge to a canary.
    • 12/6/54
      Harry Crocker, escape artist extraordinaire, escapes from the police to ask Holmes to clear him from a murder charge. Witnesses however make him leaving the alley next to the Empire Music Hall where Sally King was found strangled "in a temper". He escapes Lestrade a number of times during the investigation of the case, while he a Holmes talk shop.moreless
    • The Case of the Blind Man's Bluff
      Inspector Lestrade looks to Holmes for answers after two men are murdered on separate occasions. The common clue? A chicken's foot, bound by a black ribbon, sent to each victim before his demise.
    • 11/29/54
      Holmes and Watson spend the weekend at the Winthrop Manor to determine who is threatening Mr. Winthrop. Is it his brother, his blind wife, or his brother's bride-to-be? Or is it the family curse?
    • 11/22/54
      Dr. Watson becomes involved in investigating the murder of Harry Chelton after the two got their hats and coats mixed up at the club. Mrs. Chelton advises Holmes that her husband, a composer, was being blackmailed by a Russian ballerina who's performing in London. The melodramatic dancer and her ostentatious director both seem suspicious to Lestrade and Watson.moreless
    • 11/15/54
      Watson claims that he was hit in the eye by Albert Higgins a half hour after he had watched him die of a heart attack. He was however the counterfeiter "Poundnote" Higgins, now daywatchman at the Pembroke Museum, where Leonardo's "Moonlight Madonna" is being shown. His boss, Mr. Benton, his replacement and his landlady, Mrs. Maggie Blake all contradict Watson's time of death.moreless
    • 11/8/54
      Minnie, a cowgirl from a travelling western show, visits Holmes after she finds a dead body in her room. Afraid that a scandal would endanger her marriage plans, she asks Holmes to help her move the body.
    • Holmes and Watson travel to the Sussex countryside to fish -- literally -- for clues in a shotgun murder of John Douglas, what Holmes calls "The Case of the Other Dumbbell". Holmes slides down a bannister in the course of his investigation. He not only deduces who the murderer is, but also who the victim is.moreless
    • 10/25/54
      Visiting a home of high nobility, a businessman is murdered. Lady Beryl has confessed, which satisfies Scotland Yard, but not Holmes. He suspects she is covering something up, and he digs deeper, finding valuable clues.
    • The first part of the show is a faithful retelling of Holmes and Watson's meeting as in "A Study in Scarlet" until Holmes invites the good doctor to their first murder investigation. Lastrade has it all wrong, of course, picking the most likely suspect, Peter Cunningham's secret bride, a "jailbird".
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