The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (1950)

(ended 1955)





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  • This show does not have high quality direction, or guest actors, or even complex and intricate webs of intrigue. What it does have is: Holmes solving the case and a wonderful scope of imagination in old time tv ...

    I must say that this enjoyable show is finally coming to light with "recent" (3 years ago or so) releases on DVD. For those familiar with other portrayals of the pipe-smoking master detective, this series comes as something of a shock. The Holmes (Ronald Howard) in this one is young, fit, and very active. With a wry smile, he is as comfortable in a scuffle as he is with his violin. The Watson is not the bumbling fool of the films of the 40s, nor is he the Grenada persona, who is almost as intelligent as Holmes himself. He is a man who has common sense, an eye for the ladies, and never ceases to be amazed by Holmes.

    Though Ronald Howard is a great Holmes, the mysteries are fairly simple to solve. You don't have to concentrate to solve it before Holmes. They were produced in France, with an all American cast. Ronnie was the son of Leslie Howard, "Gone With The Wind". Something hilarious to note is that Archie Duncan not only played Lestrade, but VARIOUS characters! Once he played a Scotsman-and I swear, his accent is so good, you can't tell it's him! heh
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