The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (1984)

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  • definition of sherlock holmes

    if someone says to you, sherlock holmes, then they mean this show. not a modern retooling but the very image that is conjured in your mind about the great detective
  • Not your father's Sherlock Holmes

    The Holmes as played by Jeremy Brett was one of a series of spot on characterizations (see also Miss Marple, and Poirot); which are so true to the original character as described in the books, it's scary.
    As compared with the previous "gold standard" or Holmes as portrayed in the popular series of 30s-40s movies, the late Mr. Brett wears a bowler hat instead of the popularized deerstalker cap, and is much, much colder in his relations with other humans.
    In the final episode, you can see Jeremy is clearly sick (the poor guy had a bum ticker); cracks a smile only for a nanosecond when thanked by a child he had helped.
    His early death is a great pity, because there is a new series of Holmes books [set after his retirement, and eventual marriage to a brilliant American woman] out which he would have been a natural for.
  • Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson - closer to was Doyle wrote.

    This is one of my favorite shows. I really enjoyed Jeremy Brett's performance as Sherlock Holmes (though I wish they did make him a little closer to age as in the stories).

    The writing of the show is what makes it stand out it is closer to the original Sherlock Holmes tales and you even get to see Mycroft Holmes, who is rarely even talked about in most series. Charles Gray makes a very good Mycroft (even if he should of been a little more standoffish). I also love how they bring habits of Holmes into life, his early drug issues, he's a slob, grumpy and a lousy morning person but he can be very personable and even charming.
  • This one is a true classic and absolutely fabolous.

    To me Jeremy Brett is the one and only Sherlock Holmes. He is the guy I have in my head as I read the books. I was a bit miffed when Watson was changed after the Final problem, but it didn't really matter. Holmes and Watson are a pair that will live on no matter what. There are some hilarious moments in the show and my personal favorite is in 'The Solitary Cycklist' when Brett as Holmes fought with the moustahe guy. I like the CSI shows and Sherlock Started it all - Sherlock Holmes was the first CSI. Once again this is a show worth of your time.
  • I began watching Sherlock Holmes when it aired on PBS. (PBS Mystery) Although I very much liked Basil Rathbone's portrayal of the famous detective; I soon began to admire Jeremy Brett's talented portrayal of my most favorite detective. I miss Mr Brett.

    I believe I admire Sherlock Holmes because of his attention to details. Details that most people would overlook and may even think were unimportant. He had the most unique ability to solve every crime with very little fanfare. I also think that Sherlock Holmes' "detective style" can be seen in Detective Robert Goren. That's why I'm also a fan of Det. Goren as well. He researches and relies on facts and not too much on hunches. I regret very much that Mr. Jeremy Brett is no longer with us. But I never miss an episode of his broadcast on Sundays
    (Biography Channel)
  • Brings back the true caricature of the Conan Doyle canon.

    There have been so many versions of Sherlock Holmes, but most are tame efforts. Basil Rathbone did well (mostly because of Nigel Bruce's Watson), but he only made five or six movies.
    Here, Jeremy Brett gives stunningly accurate presentations of Holmes, as provided by the classic books. He really does make one not want to see the other recent attempts.
    The only problem is there is no mystery, as just about everybody knows the stories - some even word for word - therefore the plot is secondary to the production and acting performances. In this case, everyone got it right!
  • Jeremy Brett IS Sherlock Holmes. If there is such a thing as an episode having a weak story line, Jeremy more than makes up for it with his portrayal of Arthur Conan Doyle's famous sleuth.

    Over the years, Sherlock Holmes has been played by many actors but Jeremy Brett didn't need to act the part, he was Sherlock. He was magnificent in the part but there was also a tragic side. Regular viewers could see Sherlock the character deteriorate mentally and physically right before their eyes. The sad part (and unknown to viewers of the show)was that Jeremy suffered the same deterioration in his personal life that he portrayed in his role as Sherlock. In his personal life, he struggled with depression which only deepened with the death of his second wife. Watching the episodes today, I enjoy a greater level of appreciation and understanding watching Sherlock/Jeremy battle personal demons. He played the part with such intensity and feeling that it will be hard to ever watch someone else act the part of Sherlock Holmes. We lost a wonderfully talented actor when Jeremy Brett passed away and for me, the role of Sherlock Holmes died with him.