The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (1984)

ITV (ended 1994)





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  • Jeremy Brett IS Sherlock Holmes. If there is such a thing as an episode having a weak story line, Jeremy more than makes up for it with his portrayal of Arthur Conan Doyle's famous sleuth.

    Over the years, Sherlock Holmes has been played by many actors but Jeremy Brett didn't need to act the part, he was Sherlock. He was magnificent in the part but there was also a tragic side. Regular viewers could see Sherlock the character deteriorate mentally and physically right before their eyes. The sad part (and unknown to viewers of the show)was that Jeremy suffered the same deterioration in his personal life that he portrayed in his role as Sherlock. In his personal life, he struggled with depression which only deepened with the death of his second wife. Watching the episodes today, I enjoy a greater level of appreciation and understanding watching Sherlock/Jeremy battle personal demons. He played the part with such intensity and feeling that it will be hard to ever watch someone else act the part of Sherlock Holmes. We lost a wonderfully talented actor when Jeremy Brett passed away and for me, the role of Sherlock Holmes died with him.