The Adventures of Shirley Holmes

YTV (ended 2000)


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  • Its one of the best tv series ever!

    None tv series has ever been so thrilling, so weird! Please, bring it back!
    At least release a DVD with every single show.
    It is so great, you can watch ist many times and you wont get rid of it!

    And: Support the petition in order to get a Shirley Holmes movie!
  • A great show that will be remember fondly for a long time…

    Although it may have been a couple of years since I last saw the show; I will always remember it fondly. It was definitely of my childhood favourites, and one of the few original shows ever made.

    Not only did it have great acting, great characters, and great writing, and was quite humorous at times, it also never insulted the audience’s intelligence; it was never dumb-ed down so the audience would figure out the “baddie” before Shirley did.

    Also, Shirley is a great role model for girls everywhere. She’s intelligent, slightly weird, has healthy relationship with friends and family, and is no way a snob. So much better than what the young girls of today are witness to.

    Shirley Holmes opened my eyes to a world of mystery and excitement, asked me to challenge the norm, and made me believe I could achieve anything if I put my mind to it, and for that The Adventures of Shirley Holmes will always have a place in my heart.
  • One of the few not tiring series I've seen.

    This is certainly one of the series I had more pleasure in watching, and it's too bad it has ended. It is not the best series I had the opportunity to watch, and certainly not a super-prodution but it's undoubtelly a great series, with good writing, a very realistic view and, different from the most teenager series, it's made for teenagers without being idiot. It's one of those you watch from the beggining to the end without getting tired, and you end up waiting for the next episode. Surely a great prodution that I certainly want to watch again.
  • Sherlock Holmes, you got some competition.

    A girl tries to solve mysteries in the footstpes of her relative, Sherlock Holmes, and get through her life as a a high-school student. This series is an effective adaptation to Sherlock Holmes. All mystery lovers will not regret every moment they watched of this excellent and suspenseful show! A great show that should come back on YTV. Will live in the minds of many for a long time.