The Adventures of Shirley Holmes - Season 3

YTV (ended 2000)


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Episode Guide

  • The Case of the Forbidden Mountain (2)
    Shirley and her dad head to Rwanda in order to gather more information on Shirley's mother.
  • The Case of the Miraculous Mine (1)
    When a fever strikes a ruby mine in Rwanda, it's cure provides clues to the whereabouts of Shirley's missing and presumed dead mother.
  • The Case of the Ten Dollar Thief
    Local stores are being robbed of $10 bills, and the theif is returning them afterwards. Shirley and Bo figure that the theif is looking for a special bill.
  • The Case of the Open Hand
    After Bo is attacked and his clothing is stolen by a gang of girls, Shirley joins them in order to find out more information about a former member they may have kidnapped.
  • The Case of the Real Fake
    Shirley witnesses a death threat against author Constance Quick and believes that the intended target may be a lip-syncing singer Jake Bane.
  • The Case of the Bamboozling Blonde
    After accepting a Woman of the Year award, Mrs. Stratmann is arrested for fraud. She is believed to be the wanted Honey Boulet, but Shirley believes that she's being framed.
  • The Case of the Code of Silence
    To protect a friend, Bo sabotages the presses of the Redington Tribune.
  • The Case of the Second Take
    Alicia shoots a movie, but when strange occurences and dissapearances happen, Shirley follows the wrong suspect and puts herself in danger.
  • The Case of the Mysterious Message
    Shirley receives a message that her Grandmother has been kidnapped. As Shirley looks for her Grandmother, her own friends think that she was abducted.
  • The Case of the Flim Flam Farm
    Mr. Howie stays at the Howie Farm, but when he stays their longer than he had expected, Shirley has questions. Not only do the animals on the farm act nuts, but there is a ghost legend, and a feud between the Howies and the Wilkinsons.
  • The Case of the Crooked Comic
    Molly and Stink are accused of stealing exam questions. Stink gets kicked out of the Academy and sets out to become a stand-up comic.
  • The Case of the Galloping Ghost
    At a horse ranch, the ghost of a horse seems to be stealing other horses. Shirley meets a boy working at the ranch that may be able to help solve the case.
  • The Case of the Celestial Signal
    At the observatory, Bart hears signals from outerspace and runs into Shirley on the case. When two officials show up, it becomes clear that the man in charge of the observatory is not who he says he is.