The Adventures of Sinbad

Season 2 Episode 22

Hell House

Aired Unknown May 24, 1998 on

Episode Recap

With The Nomad ready to sail Bryn sets off to find Sinbad. On the dock she encounters a beautiful older woman, Mala, who warns her that Sinbad is in grave danger. Bryn hurries to get the others while Sinbad, unaware of the jeopardy he is in, catches sight of Maeve in the market square. He chases after and finds himself in a murky cavern where Scratch sits in residence. Scratch greets Sinbad and offers him a deal - if Sinbad comes over to the dark side he can have Maeve back. When Sinbad refuses Scratch points out that he's pretty close to being evil anyway. Scratch shows him images of all the people he has killed over the last year and a mirrored image of the bloodthirsty pirate Sinbad is fast becoming. Sinbad is shaken. Mala appears and offers to help Sinbad find Maeve.

The crew search the town for Sinbad and find only decaying ruins. Doubar is especially concerned because he seems to recognize Mala from Bryn's description. He knows Sinbad's life hangs in the balance. Firouz and Rongar find a doorway bearing a goat's head which he recognizes as Scratch's symbol. The crew charge through the doorway and fall down a dark abyss. They land in Scratch's domain and are trapped in a giant spider web. Sinbad and Mala travel down the tunnels of Scratch's domain searching for Maeve. They are attacked by seemingly immortal zombie creatures. When Sinbad's brute strength approach fails to deafeat the creatures Mala tells him to return to his old ways: to act first with the heart, then the head and lastly the sword.

Sinbad overcomes the monsters and he and Mala continue their journey. Scratch appears to Sinbad and tells him that he is holding the crew hostage. He has to choose between saving Maeve and saving them. The infuriated Sinbad watches helplessly as Scratch disappears. Mala calms him and tells him that he has the power to overcome Scratch if he will only realize the power of a good heart. Sinbad forms a plan. He finds Maeve chained in a cell. As he moves to rescue her he realizes that he has been tricked. The person he thought was Maeve is really a demon. The creature breaks free and attacks. Scratch sits gloating over the captured crew. He releases the giant spider that spun the web that holds the crew. As the monster approaches, Sinbad charges into the room with the demon in pursuit. The demon and spider collide, killing each other.

Sinbad must now make a choice: giving his soul to Scratch so his crew can live, or the opposite. Sinbad chooses giving his soul to the devil so his crew can live. Mala tells Scratch that Sinbad's soul remains pure, and cannot be claimed by the forces of darkness. Angry, Scratch sends Mala into a lava pit. She rises moments later, and floods the devils 'hell house', allowing Sinbad and his crew to escape. Once outside, Sinbad thanks Mala, and heads off with his crew, except Doubar, who stays behind as he see's Mala standing behind him. Mala thanks her son Doubar for raising her younger son Sinbad well. She says she had to come back to the earthly realm to help her younger son during his hardest hour. After wishing her sons 'luck', Mala materializes away and Doubar returns to the Nomad, giving Sinbad a bearhug for 'luck.'

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