The Adventures of Sinbad

Season 2 Episode 22

Hell House

Aired Unknown May 24, 1998 on



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  • Quotes

    • Scratch: Any last words?
      Doubar: Go to...heaven!!

    • Scratch: (addressing Sinbad's crew trapped on a web) Welcome to my parlour, said the spider to the fly!! Hahaha!!

    • Sinbad: (to Mala) Remind me to not use his decorator.

    • Sinbad: I can kill you right now!
      Scratch: Actually you couldn't, but let's say for the fun you could. You kill quite a bit, Sinbad. It comes quite easily for you along with your temper. Think about it. The way you feel when you kill.
      Sinbad: I do what I have to do to help people.
      Scratch: Muhahahahaha…

    • Sinbad: You?
      Scratch: You were expecting the Tooth Fairy?
      Sinbad: What do you want?
      Scratch: You, Sinbad.
      Sinbad: No offence, but you are not my type.

  • Notes

    • Clips from "Return of Sinbad 2," and "The Sacrifice are used during this episode.

    • "Hell House" was the season 2 finale, and ended up the series finale when Pearson TV decided to pull the plug on the series. The series was already on the lineup for the fall season, but when talks with new distributors failed, the series did not return.

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