The Adventures of Sinbad

Season 1 Episode 1

Return of Sinbad, Part 1

Aired Unknown Sep 28, 1996 on

Episode Recap

Sinbad returns to Baghdad after two years at sea. After an attempt to steal bread from a merchant, Sinbad is imprisoned and sentenced to death because he provoked the prince. In prison he meets his big brother, whom he hadn't seen in years. He also gets to know another man, who walks around asking people about his mother and if he does not like their answer he beats them up.

Meanwhile the prince's fiancée was taken hostage by an evil sorcerer, Turok, and his daughter, Rumina. The old king states he knows only one man who could help them now, namely Sinbad. The prince realizes that his people are just about to execute this very man and at the urging of his father, reluctantly agrees to release him. He's a little late to the party, as Sinbad and Doubar have already overcome his men. He pardons them and after speaking with the king, Sinbad agrees to rescue the kidnapped Princess, but under his conditions.

Sinbad searches out a crew: Firouz, an absent minded inventor; Rongar, an intimidating Moor; and Mustapha, a brash young sailor. They set out for the Isle of Tears along with Prince Casib and Grand Vizier Admir, the prince's advisor. Sinbad plans to first head to the Isle of the Dawn in order to enlist the aide of his Mentor, the great wizard, Master Dim Dim. His plans are thwarted when Turok summons a Monster from the depths of the sea to stop Sinbad and his crew...
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