The Adventures of Sinbad

Season 1 Episode 2

Return of Sinbad, Part 2

Aired Unknown Oct 05, 1996 on

Episode Recap

On their way to rescue the kidnapped fiancée of Prince Casib, Sinbad encounter a sea monster called from the depths by the evil wizard Tulok. Sinbad and his crew slay the sea monster and continue on their way to the Isle of the Dawn. Sinbad is reunited with his teacher, Master Dim-Dim. He is also introduced to Master Dim Dim's stunning apprentice, Maeve.

Dim-Dim agrees to accompany Sinbad and his crew, but insists on bringing along Maeve, and her falcon Dermott, much to the dismay of Sinbad and the crew, who are not very fond of the idea of having a woman aboard. The set sail for the Isle of Tears, but before long the Grand Vizier is exposed as a traitor. He is working with Tulok and Rumina. When he is discovered by Rongar, he transforms himself into a monster and attacks Sinbad's crew. They prevail with the help of Maeve's Hawk, Dermott, but the cost of the battle is high. Dim-Dim is lost to another dimension and young Mustapha loses his life.

They finally reach the Isle of Tears where locate the Princess. Before they can save her, they must battle Tulok and Rumina. The battle is fierce, but Sinbad and his crew prevail and Sinbad kills Tulok. His body disappears and his daughter swears revenge. Sinbad and Maeve swear they will find him...
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