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  • The Adventures of Sinbad Must Be Back on TV

    I want to be a mariner in my younger age only for Sinbad . I always keep this in my mind . Now i'm a mariner only for my HERO . And i want my hero back . I think we all want ''The Adventures of Sinbad'' series back . It stopped before ending . So please START THIS MOST FAMOUS & BEAUTIFUL SERIES AGAIN PLEASE .
  • The Adventures of Sinbad Is A Must Watch and Despite Its Cheap Special Effects and Cliche Moments, It's Got Magics, Monsters and Cleavages.

    The Adventures of Sinbad is the quintessential mythical series of the 90's much like Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Warriors that is fun to watch and an instant classic. It tells the story of Sinbad the Sailor, who has returned to his homeland in Baghdad after two years of disappearance. He reunites with his big brother Doubar and together they set sail on numerous adventures along with some new friends.

    The episodes of Sinbad may have some cliche moments and uses cheap slow-motion effects and animations for the monsters, but for the time it was a fascinating thing and an awesome feature to watch. The characters and the settings are pretty original and the series does a good job of making you care for them regardless of which sides. And as for the music, it is spot on especially the opening theme. It has that uplifting feeling to it that really sets the mood for the show. I love it.

    The Adventures of Sinbad has great episodes that become more elaborate and interesting throughout the series but as it reaches the second season, the show slowly starts to go downhill and gets boring. This is partly because of Sinbad's sidekick sudden disappearance from the show, Maeve. She was a Magician's apprentice who joined Sinbad in his voyage and slowly becomes his love interest which is awesome. However, the show decided to scrap the beautiful cleavage babe into the ocean and replaced her with a new female partner named Bryn. And she sucks so bad. Maeve's disappearance is the most disappointing thing ever in the show.

    But despite the poor decision making by the developers, The Adventures of Sinbad is a great TV series classic that has memorable characters and events. I grew up watching this show during the 90's and it is one show that I could watch again and again. I wish the TV start producing more of these great mythical series back again because I'm growing tired of all these stupid reality shows and the American Idol crap. They're so unoriginal and uninspiring. What we need is to go back to the basics. Start making all these mythical and magical adventures again. Those are awesome. The Adventures of Sinbad is a must watch and despite its cheap special effects and cliche moments, it's got magics, monsters and cleavages.
  • Series ending

    What happenned and the series finished?Maeve and Sinbad were the best couple.Too pity Maeve left the show without returning back to finish the series.Can someone tell me why the series ended like that? Furthermore, can anyone tell me why MAEVE left the series so sudden? What about RUMINA and TUROK, DIM-DIM and Capra? I think that should make season 3 and Sinbad find Maeve and then Dim-Dim and then all together defeat Turoq and Rumina. Am i right or not? Finaly but not least, the series neede more romance between Sinbad and maeve. You know this untold love between Maeve and Sinbad
  • A funny, entertaining show that doesn't take itself too seriously.

    Well, I love it. When people ask, I tell them it's "so bad it's good." The dialog can get hilariously awful, and you can tell the cast KNOW it. They'll take an ordinary line, say it in a really strange way, and I won't be able to stop laughing. The special effects usually include close-ups of ordinary animals that are supposed to look big... and the main villain is a slutty witch who has the hots for our hero, Sinbad (despite the fact that he killed her father). Really... what's not to love? It is continuously entertaining.

    I also liked the fact that Sinbad wasn't your typical hero. At least... he didn't LOOK it. He was kind of scrawny, and looked like an average guy; like an ordinary sailor. He didn't have super-strength like Hercules, or any weird superpowers... he was just a sweet, caring guy, who liked to help people. The drastic change in his appearance for Season 2 was just odd and unnecessary, and another reason why I much preferred the first season.

    But the main reason I kept watching this show was because of the ongoing relationship between Sinbad and Maeve. I liked the constant bickering, and the way they continuously denied their feelings for each other... even though every member of the crew knew they were just dancing around their feelings. Despite all the cheesiness of the series, they felt real to me.

    My only real gripe is that Maeve left after the first season... and with the entrance of Bryn, I quickly lost interest. I would have been happier if they had at least kept Maeve's character, and just changed the actress.

    So in conclusion, I consider the first season the only one worth watching. For me, Season 2 does not exist.
  • One of those shows you love to hate, or is it hate to love?

    I definitly have conlficting opinions about this show. On one hand, the story plots are really good, and the actors do a fine job. On the other, the special effects are second rate, the script writting comes off as false (no matter what the actors do), and the whole show gives off an air of a being a bad highschool play. Please, bear with me.
    The best character is Rongar, perhaps becuase he doesn't say anything. This only enforces my opinion that it is not the actors themselves that come across as over the top and false, but rather the writing. I suppose there is only so much an actor can do with such grand, 'good will trumph over evil' statements in everyday conversation. There's only so much steriotypical evil laughter Rumina (and guest stars, too) can do and still be taken seriously as an evil character. You stop listening to what she's saying and start trying to count how many times she goes "mwahaha" in the course of an episode.
    Which brings me to the special effects. I know it was 1996-1998, I understand how far technology has come since that time, but I think the monsters would be so much scarier if they wern't obviously close ups of your everyday lizards and snakes with a far off shot of Sinbad et all trying desperatly to look as though they're actually fighting something. Not to mention the bad computer graphics. Of course I'm tlaking about when the characters have the obvious "cut around" marks, and the digital creatures don't even have the same lighting as the live stuff (see season 1 episode 22 "The Vengeance Of Rumina" re: floating plastic skeletons). And yet, this is one aspect of the show that is so loveable. Like the shaky sets of the early Doctor Who seasons. I suppose I should say something possitive, so it doesn't sound like I completly hate the show, because I don't. I watched it when it first came out, and now I'm rewatching it, now that I found it again. The very reason I started watching is the very reason I'm rewatching: the storylines. It's really a highly entertaining, adventerous show. Any problems I think are not in the idea, but the execution. I chose "Needs fine-tuning" as the classification of this show, becuase I beleive it could be so much better, but I could just have easily called it my "Guilty pleasure".
  • This one got thrown to the wayside

    With the success of shows like Hercules the Legendary Journies and Xena the Warrior Princess, a few other people tried to make shows that would appeal to the same crowd. I can not remember the names of all of them, but not many of them were really worth remembering. I do remember Roar, The Beastmaster, and The Adventures of Sinbad.

    Anyone that watched any of these shows knew that they were never meant to be considered high brow entertainment. They were all good for a laugh. And you had to have a pretty good threshold for chessy dialogue. All in all I remember this show fondly, but I was not suprised when it was not renewed.
  • The Adventures of Sinbad - a curiously addictive entertainment

    Every weekend I plunked myself down in front of the TV to sit and watch an hour of poorly written, sometimes poorly acted adventure / drama with seriously ropey special effects. For all that I knew that I'd be watching Sinbad when it came on again the following week. There's something addictive about this programme. You know you shouldn't like it - it's not even good enough to be called cheesey TV - but God love them, they try, and maybe that's why you can't help but like it. Let's face it, Zen Gesner is pretty fine, especially when he discovered his love for leather in the second season, and on the whole the cast looked like they were enjoying themselves, so it's seems petty not to grin and go along for the ride. I doubt we'll ever see a DVD release for this show, though, which is a shame as it means waiting for the rare unpredictable rerun on the telly.
  • I'd recommend it.

    Let's talk about the bad stuff first. Almost every fan will agree that this show does have cheesey moments. The fights can get repetitive and pointless. And the fact that there's a "Coming up next on the adventures of sinbad" ruins all suspense.
    I enjoy watching this show because I like the monsters, it has a bit of supernatural stuff, and it does have very interesting plots. I've seen every episode except two which never seem to air on Show Case. While I'm dying to see them, except for a few great episodes like "Castle Keep", most episodes are only good to watch once.
    Overall, it's a small show with only 40+ eps, that I'd definitely recommend. Just don't watch the same ep. more than once, and remember: cheesines is not the end of the world.
  • Not something I would watch unless nothing else was on, "The Adventures of Sinbad" is another B-rated adventure show. However, even in this genre, it doesn't match up with Hercules even Xena. While not the worst of this brand, it's definately not good.

    Not something I would watch unless nothing else was on, "The Adventures of Sinbad" is another B-rated adventure show. However, even in this genre, it doesn't match up with Hercules or dare I say Xena (gulp). While not the worst of this brand, it is definately nowhere near good. It can still beat shows like "Beast Master", but let's face it, the acting is terrible, the storylines only decent, and the action cheesy (yet still entertaining at times). The special effects are bad as is the writing, but when you watch this show you can't really expect anything else. While the show's storylines can hold your attention and the cheesy action does have its moments, this show is generally not worth your time, especially when there are better shows even in its own B-rated genre.

    My final review: While the show's storylines can occasionally hold your attention, and the cheesy action does have its moments, this show is generally not worth your time.
  • Good

    I like this show alot cause it gives me everything i want to see its very good and something i like to watch this show has good and bad point about it but its ultimatly good entertainment for me and my friends and family it i think its a good show with informative and insightful situations that people can relate to in there own way , This is a show that i caould watch without flipping the station to find what else is on , i recommend anyone to atleast watch it once to see if they like it like i do
  • If you enjoyed Hercules or Xena, then you would enjoy Sinbad. Set in and around ancient Bagdad, The Adventures of Sinbad is a re-telling of the adventures of the famous character from The Arabian Nights, but this Sinbad is more swashbucking hero than Arab

    If you enjoyed Hercules or Xena, then you would enjoy Sinbad. Set in and around ancient Bagdad, The Adventures of Sinbad is a re-telling of the adventures of the famous character from The Arabian Nights, but this Sinbad is more swashbucking hero than Arabian Knight.

    Sinbad, along with his brother Doubar, an absent minded inventor named Firouz, a formidable but quiet Moor called Rongar, Mustapha, a hot blooded young sailor, and the appretice mage Maeve sail the seas, waging the age old battle of good versus evil.

    The series was often campy and the acting over the top, but the series found a small but loyal audience. It was definitely a guilty pleasure.
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