The Adventures of Sinbad

(ended 1998)





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  • One of those shows you love to hate, or is it hate to love?

    I definitly have conlficting opinions about this show. On one hand, the story plots are really good, and the actors do a fine job. On the other, the special effects are second rate, the script writting comes off as false (no matter what the actors do), and the whole show gives off an air of a being a bad highschool play. Please, bear with me.
    The best character is Rongar, perhaps becuase he doesn't say anything. This only enforces my opinion that it is not the actors themselves that come across as over the top and false, but rather the writing. I suppose there is only so much an actor can do with such grand, 'good will trumph over evil' statements in everyday conversation. There's only so much steriotypical evil laughter Rumina (and guest stars, too) can do and still be taken seriously as an evil character. You stop listening to what she's saying and start trying to count how many times she goes "mwahaha" in the course of an episode.
    Which brings me to the special effects. I know it was 1996-1998, I understand how far technology has come since that time, but I think the monsters would be so much scarier if they wern't obviously close ups of your everyday lizards and snakes with a far off shot of Sinbad et all trying desperatly to look as though they're actually fighting something. Not to mention the bad computer graphics. Of course I'm tlaking about when the characters have the obvious "cut around" marks, and the digital creatures don't even have the same lighting as the live stuff (see season 1 episode 22 "The Vengeance Of Rumina" re: floating plastic skeletons). And yet, this is one aspect of the show that is so loveable. Like the shaky sets of the early Doctor Who seasons. I suppose I should say something possitive, so it doesn't sound like I completly hate the show, because I don't. I watched it when it first came out, and now I'm rewatching it, now that I found it again. The very reason I started watching is the very reason I'm rewatching: the storylines. It's really a highly entertaining, adventerous show. Any problems I think are not in the idea, but the execution. I chose "Needs fine-tuning" as the classification of this show, becuase I beleive it could be so much better, but I could just have easily called it my "Guilty pleasure".