The Adventures of Sinbad

(ended 1998)





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  • The Adventures of Sinbad Is A Must Watch and Despite Its Cheap Special Effects and Cliche Moments, It's Got Magics, Monsters and Cleavages.

    The Adventures of Sinbad is the quintessential mythical series of the 90's much like Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Warriors that is fun to watch and an instant classic. It tells the story of Sinbad the Sailor, who has returned to his homeland in Baghdad after two years of disappearance. He reunites with his big brother Doubar and together they set sail on numerous adventures along with some new friends.

    The episodes of Sinbad may have some cliche moments and uses cheap slow-motion effects and animations for the monsters, but for the time it was a fascinating thing and an awesome feature to watch. The characters and the settings are pretty original and the series does a good job of making you care for them regardless of which sides. And as for the music, it is spot on especially the opening theme. It has that uplifting feeling to it that really sets the mood for the show. I love it.

    The Adventures of Sinbad has great episodes that become more elaborate and interesting throughout the series but as it reaches the second season, the show slowly starts to go downhill and gets boring. This is partly because of Sinbad's sidekick sudden disappearance from the show, Maeve. She was a Magician's apprentice who joined Sinbad in his voyage and slowly becomes his love interest which is awesome. However, the show decided to scrap the beautiful cleavage babe into the ocean and replaced her with a new female partner named Bryn. And she sucks so bad. Maeve's disappearance is the most disappointing thing ever in the show.

    But despite the poor decision making by the developers, The Adventures of Sinbad is a great TV series classic that has memorable characters and events. I grew up watching this show during the 90's and it is one show that I could watch again and again. I wish the TV start producing more of these great mythical series back again because I'm growing tired of all these stupid reality shows and the American Idol crap. They're so unoriginal and uninspiring. What we need is to go back to the basics. Start making all these mythical and magical adventures again. Those are awesome. The Adventures of Sinbad is a must watch and despite its cheap special effects and cliche moments, it's got magics, monsters and cleavages.