The Adventures of Sinbad

Season 2 Episode 18

Survival Run

Aired Unknown Mar 08, 1998 on

Episode Recap

Sinbad is contracted by Prince Veedon to escort a dangerous prisoner to trial. When Sinbad goes to the jail to collect his charge, he finds a very stubborn young woman, Dara. She believes someone is trying to kill her before she can be tried and refuses to leave the cell. Sinbad hefts the struggling woman onto his shoulder and makes for the exit where he spots a bomb. He and Dara run for cover just as the bomb goes off.

Once on the Nomad, Dara pleads to be released. She claims to be innocent of the crime of which she is accused: killing the ruler of her city. The ship is attacked and Sinbad sends Firouz and Rongar back to Prine Veedon to tell him that they are going overland. They return with a guide provided by Veedon and proceed on their journey.

Dara slowly begins to convince them that she is innocent of the crime. The man she is accused of killing was her friend. He had helped her get an education and was going to sponsor her attempts to teach the poor. She wounded the real assassin in the arm and she describes his voice as sounding like a hissing snake. Sinbad immediately recognizes the assassin as Prince Veedon. The guide provided by Veedon makes a run for it. Just then, Sinbad and crew overcome a gian reptile only to be confronted by Veedon's band of assassins. They quickly dispatch them.

Sinbad knows that the only way to save Dara is to get her to trial and prove her innocence. Firouz constructs a huge wagon and Sinbad and Dara charge the palace gates. They reach the palace and Sinbad fights his way up the steps. He squares off against Veedon, disarms him and shows the wound inflicted by Dara. Veedon is arrested and Dara is allowed to go free as the crew sets off for another adventure.

Thanks to the folks at "The Adventures of Sinbad Fan Fiction Seasons" ( For the episode recap.
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