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The Adventures of Sinbad

Season 1 Episode 3

The Beast Within

Aired Unknown Oct 12, 1996 on
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Episode Summary

The Beast Within
A sorceress captures Sinbad, who refuses her love, then he must fight to the death the man-beast Goz.

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      • Doubar: It's good to be on dry land again, brother
        Sinbad: And within a few feet of a wine casket.
        Doubar: I'm a big man, I have a big thirst.
        Maeve: And a big belly.

      • Rumina: (touching the cut on Sinbad's shoulder) This must hurt.
        Sinbad: Yeah, suffering's good for the soul.
        Rumina: Pleasure's better.

      • Rumina: Remember the rules, Sinbad - there are none. Become the beast within in order to survive. Kill, or be killed.

      • Maeve: There's danger here.
        Doubar: Aye, I don't need magic to tell me that this isn't a very friendly place!

      • Rumina: You and your friends annoy me greatly, dear.
        Maeve: I'll do more than annoy you, witch.
        (Rumina laughs)

      • Rumina: Such spirit. How mundane.
        Maeve: It's more than spirit and you know it.
        Rumina: I have no idea what you're talking about.
        Maeve: You don't remember me.
        Rumina: I've known many peasants in my line of work. I dispose of them all the same way. And don't expect Sinbad to save you. He's dead. His bones are being brought to me now by one of my creations. Now, let's have some fun.

      • Rumina: Sinbad!
        Sinbad: Hello, my would be bride. Your slave has brought back my bones as promised. Oh yeah, he decided to throw in my flesh for free.

      • Maeve: Would that all Rumina's spells were so easy to break.
        Sinbad: Rumina isn't all powerful Maeve. You proved that today.
        Maeve: I did, didn't I?
        Sinbad: But you made a powerful enemy.
        Maeve: Rumina's always been my enemy.
        Sinbad: Maeve, is there something that I should know about all of this?
        Maeve: Perhaps Sinbad, perhaps. But not today.
        Sinbad: Well then, till then... sorcerer's apprentice.

      • Sinbad: Don't like the heat, Goz? You just gave me an idea.

      • Maeve: Go to Firouz. I'll take the tiller.
        Doubar: Oh, the heck with it! Take the tiller! See what I care! Women are taking over the world, anyway.

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