The Adventures of Spot

BBC (ended 2006)


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  • Season 4
    • (Spot Plays) Hide and Seek
      Spot's in the mode to play hide and seek. He plays it with Sally. Then Steve comes over and joins the search. Spot's tail eventually gives his hiding place away. Then they play again, but this time, it's Spot's turn to count.
    • Spot's School Trip
      Spot's School Trip
      Episode 12
      Spot and his friends visit the aquarium, where they see various kinds of fish. Spot promptly befriends a fish that kinda looks like him. Then Miss Bear asks them to draw a picture of their favourite fish. Then it's time to go home. Spot finally shows his parents the drawing of his favourite fish.moreless
    • Spot Helps Grandma
      Spot Helps Grandma
      Episode 11
      Spot is at his grandparent's place. He helps his grandma cleans up the house by washing the dishes, dusting the place, and using the vacuum. Then grandma looks for her glasses, and Spot finds it for her. They then read a storybook.
    • Spot Cleans Up (a.k.a Spot Tidies up)
      Spot and Steve are playing. Then Sally comes in and tells Spot to tidy up. Spot and Steve tidies up the place. Then Steve leaves. Spot then makes a mess again while looking for his Teddy (to a song). Sally comes in and sees the mess, but Spot is sleepy and says that he'll do it in the morning.moreless
    • Spot's Tent
      Spot's Tent
      Episode 9
      Spot is having a camp-out with his friends. They see a shooting star, then have some fun with a flashlight to a song, but in the end, they're all too afraid to sleep outside and sleeps indoors instead.
    • Spot's Bath
      Spot's Bath
      Episode 8
      It's Spot's bathtime. Sally goes prepare Spot's bath, then Spot takes some toys into the bath and plays with them for a while. Then it's story time.
    • Spot's Band
      Spot's Band
      Episode 7
      After watching a band playing in the park, Spot and friends decide to form a band. They all head over to Spot's place. Spot becomes a conductor, Steve plays the trumpet, Helen plays the cymbals and Tom plays the drum.
    • Spot's Umbrella
      Spot's Umbrella
      Episode 6
      Spot wants to go over to Tom's place. But it's raining. So he takes his umbrella and goes over. On his way over, he meets some animals, and we're treated to a song about why we like the rain. He finally makes it over to Tom's. When it's time for Spot to go home, he sees a rainbow.moreless
    • Spot's Grandpa
      Spot's Grandpa
      Episode 5
      Spot goes on a walk out in the park with his grandpa, then gets his grandpa to read him a story.
    • Spot's Hobby Horse (a.k.a Spot's Horse)
      Spot decides to play with his cork-horse. He goes outside, and play with Steve, Tom and Helen. They decided that it's fun and to do it again tomorrow.
    • Spot's Breakfast
      Spot's Breakfast
      Episode 3
      Spot wakes up in the morning, and goes out for a walk. After seeing some animals eating breakfast, he decided that he wanted breakfast too. One problem though: his parents are asleep. So, like every other 4-year-olds, he decides to make breakfast on his own. And like every other 4-year-olds, he makes a mess instead. His mom wakes up. So, Spot helps her clean up (and they have a song to go with it). Finally, his dad wakes up. Scene closes with Spot telling his dad that he made breakfast on his own, and Sally adds that Spot's very clever at cleaning up too.moreless
    • Spot's Treehouse
      Spot's Treehouse
      Episode 2
      Sam, Spot's dad, builds Spot a treehouse. Spot helps out. In the episode, we break into a song about a house in a tree and in the ground. When the treehouse it complete, Spot climbs up to the treehouse, and Sally brings him a bowl of food. Spot then thanks his dad for the treehouse. And his dad thanks him for being such a good helper.moreless
    • Spot's Show
      Spot's Show
      Episode 1
      Spot's friends have arrived and they're all dressed up, so they decide to play dressup. Everyone has an interesting costume, such as Helen as a princess. Spot puts on a robe and Tom makes a crown for him, using Spot's Dad's newspaper. Spot's Dad is looking for it, but before he can find it, Spot gives him and his Mom tickets to the show. Spot and all of his friends put on a show in their costumes and sing. Mom and Dad laugh and call it cute. Dad also realizes what happened to his newspaper.moreless
  • Season 3
  • Season 2
  • Season 1
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