The Adventures of Spot

Season 2 Episode 10

Spot Makes A Cake

Aired Unknown Unknown on BBC

Episode Recap

Spot's about to go outside, when he remembers something and reminds his Mom that she promised to make a cake for the school fair. His Mom asks him to help, so he gets a stool and dons a chef hat. His Mom has him make the cake mix and he pours int he ingredients and stirs heavily. Once everything's done, all that's left is to put it in the oven. He goes upstairs and plays for a while and then his Mom calls him down and has him help to decorate the cake. Spot's Dad comes in and says that he likes the smell of the cake, but Spot tells him that it's for the fair. He and his Mom head for the fair and she tells him to have a good time. He comes home with a green balloon and a prize that he won - it's the cake! He's brought some of his friends over to help eat it.