The Adventures of Superboy (1966)

CBS (ended 1969)




Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • The Great Kryptonite Caper
      A criminal plans to get Superboy by setting a trap with Kryptonite. Lana tries to help, but is kidnapped. Superboy and Krypto must figure out some way of rescuing her without falling victim to the criminal's Kryptonite.
    • The Monster Molecule
      A physicist develops a powerful energy device that unfortunately malfunction. Superboy and Krypto must rescue a scientist affected by the device and must stop the machine before it causes serious destruction.
    • The Space Refugees
      Superboy and Krypto discover three refugees from the destroyed planet Verg. Sympathizing with them, Superboy tries to make their stay on Earth comfortable. Unfortunately three greedy and harassing diamond hunters make Superboy's job difficult.
    • The Trap of the Super Spacemen
      When a returning astronaut turns out to be a powerful alien, Superboy and Krypto head off into space to investigate. They discover that the real astronaut has been kidnapped. Superboy is attacked by the aliens and imprisoned. The aliens plan to use him as a power source for an invasion of Earth. Krypto manages to rescue Superboy and the two of them put a stop to the aliens' plans.moreless
    • Double Trouble, Double Doom
      When three explorers disappear, Superboy and Krypto head to the mountains to investigate. They discover a group of aliens who are searching for escaped alien criminals. When Superboy discovers that the alien criminals have the missing explorers, he and Krypto must figure out a way to stop them.
    • King Superboy
      King Superboy
      Episode 3
      A small sun appears near Earth which causes sever electrical problems. Superboy destroy the small sun and head off into space to investigate. They discover a planet whose inhabitants are at war. The call Superboy their king and tell him that the suns are the weapons of their enemies. Superboy and Krypto head off and destroy the weapon that is making the suns.moreless
    • Superboy Meets Mighty Lad
      Superboy meets Mighty Lad who appears to have similar superpowers and claims to be from Krypton. When he starts to upstage Superboy Krypto become suspicious. Ultimately Superboy discovers that Mighty Lad is really an alien who is using mechanical devices to simulate superpowers.
    • Forget Me Not, Superdog
      When Krypto gets amnesia, Superboy must keep him out of trouble and find a way for his dog to get his memory back.
  • Season 2
  • Season 1