The Adventures of Superboy (1966)

Season 1 Episode 18

Revolt of Robotville

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Jan 07, 1967 on CBS

Episode Recap

Robotville is a small, experimental city which draws many visitors and on one day, Clark and Lana visit the city. Clark notes that the city has robots in every position including robot soldiers. The robot soldiers start firing into the air and Clark ducks away to change into Superboy.

Superboy flies in the air and is joined by Krypto. Superboy deflects the gun volleys as well as blasts from tanks before defeating the robot soldiers and tanks. Superboy wonders why the soldiers behaved erratically and Dr. Freedman shows up and explains that as one of the engineers on the Robotville project, he figures it was a quirk in the robot's brains and won't happen again.

Freedman goes to an observatory and dispatches flying robots to abduct Lana and Clark, who has rejoined her. The robots fly the two to a bunker where others are being held hostage by Freedman until flying robots return from a steel mill with material to build soldier replacements for the ones destroyed by Superboy.

Clark secretly uses his heat vision to cut the lights, change to Superboy and fly to the mill. Superboy and Krypto destroy the flying robots and save the workers before returning to Robotville. Clark apprehends Freedman and Lana's suspicions that Clark is Superboy when Superboy points out Krypto carrying a supposedly ill Clark home thought it is really Krypto carrying an inactive robot dressed like Clark.