The Adventures of Superboy

Season 1 Episode 24


Aired Unknown May 13, 1989 on

Episode Recap

Professor John Zugar is conducting an experiment with a power grid that is affecting the power in the city. Superboy arrives at his lab and is asked to use his heat vision to fuse and stabilized the grid. When he does, he and the professor disappear.

Superboy finds himself in Hollywood, 1939. He goes into a clothing store to get some threads, and comes out as Clark. After buying a paper, he sees an old lady go down an alley and get surrounded by four thugs. He roughs up the thugs and the lady, taking off her wig and revealing a young lady named Victoria Letour, thanks him. She describes herself as a famous movie star and offers him a screen test for an acting job, but Clark turns it down.

Suddenly, a nearby junction box begins to short, and Clark knows that Zugar is somewhere near. As Superboy, he finds his name on top of an isolated shack just outside the city. He finds Zugar inside and is angry that he was tricked into activating the time machine. They're stranded after a processing chip got burned out during the time warp.

Unconcerned about getting them back to 1989, the professor goes on about the happenings of their current time. He says he can repair the time machine if he can get in touch with a well-known scientist of that time, Dr. Stoddard, and Superboy gets the idea to use Victoria's connections in Hollywood to do it.

At the movie studio, Clark talks with Victoria and asks her for the favor to get Stoddard. She agrees and kisses him goodbye. Meanwhile, one of the guys that tried to attack her in the alley receives a call for a gig that he and his friends just landed. They'll be a group of kidnappers in the film, in which they'll really try to pull off a kidnapping for a ransom of $250,000.

At Zugar's lab shack, he and Stoddard prepare to work on the time machine as Superboy brings in a piece of equipment. Zugar has Superboy use his heat vision to mend a transistor, then his super breath to freeze the microprocessing chip on the machine. After applying more heat to the grid, the countdown starts from an hour until the time machine is at full power. Superboy then leaves to see Victoria.

He arrives on a set where he's asked to pose with people dressed like spacemen and Victoria. He later goes to Victoria's set as Clark. Since Clark told her that he was from Shuster University, she did some checking and found out that Shuster University doesn't exist. Since she wants answers about Clark and where he came from, she has Clark sit and wait until she's done shooting a scene.

As they end a ballroom scene, the disco ball explodes, and the gang of thugs comes out and takes Victoria while the boss distracts everyone by shooting a Tommy gun. He shoots Clark and he acts like he's hit. They leave the studio with her and take her to their hideout and Superboy flies after them. At their hideout, Superboy arrives and they all shoot at him, bullets bouncing off of him. He shows off his strength by curling a pistol. One by one, they all try to fight him, but Superboy easily throws them aside.

At the lab shack, there is one minute and fifty seconds left before the time machine is at full power. At the thugs' hideout, Clark unties Victoria and says his goodbye and they kiss. In the final seconds before the time machine is about to activate, Superboy arrives and they disappear.

At a mansion, TJ and Lana are there to get a story on a will reading of Mrs. Sadinsky, formerly known as Victoria Letour. Clark arrives and is glad to see his friends. As he hugs Lana, he sees pictures of himself in 1939 with Victoria and burns himself out of them with his heat vision. As TJ and Lana go upstairs to witness the will reading, Clark stops to admire Victoria's photo in reflection of his brief visit to 1939 Hollywood.