The Adventures of Superboy - Season 1

(ended 1992)




Episode Guide

  • Luthor Unleashed
    Episode 26
    Luthor steals a weapon, the Thermaton 14, from the nearby Army base and prepares to sell it to buyers. After Superboy saves his life in a lab explosion, he is grateful, until he becomes bald from the fumes. He's now more infuriated than ever, blaming Superboy......the beginning of a lifelong vendetta to be rid of the Boy of Steel.moreless
  • Succubus
    Episode 25
    A beautiful vampire-like creature seeks to drain Superboy of his life force and seduces T.J. as part of her plot.
  • Hollywood
    Episode 24
    Superboy is taken back to 1939 with a professor, where he meets a famous movie star. He falls for her and tries to protect her from thugs, while the professor works to get his time machine working, uncertain about their return to the current time.
  • Black Flamingo
    Episode 23
    Superboy goes undercover in a punk nightclub as a biker named Snake-man where a terrorist is hypnotizing teenagers to turn them into killers.
  • 4/29/89
    An old Korean War buddy of Pa Kent's comes to Smallville for revenge. His years of torture at a P.O.W. camp has warped his mind to make him think Jonathan deserted him during the war. After he is kidnapped, Superboy must find his father and stop the madness before it's too late.moreless
  • Mutant
    Episode 21
    After Professor Lipcott, a nuclear scientist, is kidnapped and taken into a time machine, Clark and TJ follow up. TJ is then kidnapped, and both he and the professor are held captive until a demand is met for plutonium. Superboy confronts the female kidnapper, Vora, and finds out that she and her friends are human mutants from Earth in a distant future. He's hoping that the good in her will help her and her people see the error of their ways, and puts it to the test to see if it will save his friends.moreless
  • Little Hercules
    Episode 20
    In order to impress his crush, a boy genius named Billy Hercules implants a virus containing a love poem into the Navy's missile system. When it activates during a broadcasted demonstration the next day and takes over the system, Superboy and Billy must stop the missiles from self-detonating.....if they can.
  • War of the Species
    Episode 19
    When the gang goes to interview with a scientist, TJ and Lana discover a dead body, killed by a deadly android. When Superboy gets involved, he becomes the test subject to determine how to improve the android's program when in combat. All the while, Superboy is unaware that the scientist has a secret of his own.moreless
  • 3/11/89
    Lana is forced to go into hiding when she witnesses a dirty cop try to kill Lt. Harris. She takes up with an ex-hippie outside the city, while the dirty cop, his dirty cop friends, and Superboy all try to track her down.
  • 3/4/89
    Superboy plays middle man, trying to help a contractor and an old Indian lady both get what they want -- to build housing for the poor while preserving the wetlands. But when Superboy is tricked by the contractor, resulting in the Indian lady turning against him, he's forced to shut the operation down, especially after discovering that the contractor is using sub-standard materials to build.moreless
  • Meet Mr. Mxyzptlk
    Episode 16
    When Superboy removes a totem pole for a professor, it opens the doorway to the 5th dimension, and one of its imps, Mxyzptlk appears. Using his magic, he brings trouble to everyone around him, including Superboy. He falls for Lana and plans to take her back with him, giving Superboy and the professor little time to figure out how to stop him.moreless
  • 2/18/89
    TJ goes into standup comedy in a club's Amateur Night in order to find out who killed his friend. After he discovers that it was the club's owner, and the fact that he's into dealing drugs, he and his new waitress friend Angel, along with Clark, are tied up and drugged. Superboy has to make a non-comedic appearance to help his friends.moreless
  • 2/11/89
    Now inside Pa Kent, the alien kidnaps Lana to draw Superboy out. When Lt. Harris tells him that the cryogenics lab was robbed, Superboy realizes what's happening. Clark sees them on the news, and goes there to make a deal with the alien to save his father. Superboy gives up his body, but has a surprise in store for the alien.moreless
  • 2/4/89
    The cloud-like alien returns, and after possessing a cop's body, stalks Superboy for revenge. They have a brief showdown at an agricultural center near campus and the cop's body is killed and Superboy is hurt. When the alien cannot force entry into Superboy, he possesses Clark's visiting father, Pa Kent.
  • Kryptonite Kills
    Episode 12
    A Kryptonite meteor falls in Addis Ababa and is sent to Shuster for study. It turns up in one of Clark's classes, a class on minerals. There, Clark feels the pain of kryptonite for the first time. When Lex Luthor learns of it's value as an energy source, he takes a piece of it, using it in a machine to commit crimes. This new threat makes it difficult for Superboy to help when needed.moreless
  • 1/21/89
    A group of homeless people are living in front of a beach club on a Florida beach. Since they're bringing down the value of the club, its owner, Gerald Manfred tries to get rid of them. When Clark, TJ and Lana get involved, TJ is nearly killed, and Damon, then Lana are kidnapped. Superboy must step in, with the help of the homeless people, to stop Manfred in his tracks before someone is hurt or even killed.moreless
  • Troubled Waters
    Episode 10
    During a trip home, Clark learns that a businessman named Kenderson wants to buy all the farms in the Smallville area during an agricultural depression. Many attempts are made to force the Kents to surrender to the buy out until they find out why: there is a river running underneath the farms and Kenderson wants to sell the water. Superboy has to stop him, as he plans to blow up the community silo to destroy whatever profits the farms could make on their harvest.moreless
  • The Alien Solution
    Episode 9
    A strange cloud-like alien who can take over others bodies comes to earth hoping to steal Superboy's body so he can add it to his collection of warriors. After possessing and almost killing Lana, Superboy agrees to do what the alien wants, but he must figure out a way to put the alien on ice.moreless
  • The Fixer
    Episode 8
    Lex Luthor is taking bets on Shuster's basketball team, who's playing against Florida State University in their next game. He tries to fix the game by blackmailing Shuster's star player, Stretch, into losing. Superboy takes matters into his own hands to ensure that all is fair and to help Stretch.
  • 11/19/88
    A Superboy impersonator is robbing banks and jewelry stores to get a million dollars so he can marry Florida's beauty queen. The real Superboy is arrested for his acts and when the beauty queen, Jennifer Jenkins, refuses to marry the Superboy impostor, Hugo, she is kidnapped and the real Superboy is the only one who can save her.moreless
  • 11/12/88
    A rock star, Judd Faust (Leif Garrett), wants the Boardwalk and baseball amusement park and when the owner refuses to sell the park everyone in it is in danger. Bombs are detonated and sabotage is all around. When Lana falls in love with Judd this also puts her in danger. Clark, leery of Judd all the while, is set on exposing him.moreless
  • 11/5/88
    Superboy must intervene when crooks steal a laser weapon and plan to use it to destroy a launching space shuttle.
  • 10/29/88
    When a scientist's formula to improve the efficiency of gasoline is nearly destroyed, a Russian exchange student is blamed. TJ, who has fallen for her, sets out to clear her name, as the accidents continue. But this proves difficult, as the scientist himself has prejudices against the exchange student.
  • Back to Oblivion
    Episode 3
    Things get crazy when TJ goes to investigate strange happenings at a scrapyard. It's owner, Mr. Wagner, is suffering from post-traumatic delusions as a result of being in a Nazi concentration camp, and believes that anyone entering his yard is the enemy. Thinking that Lana is his granddaughter Lena, he holds her hostage, and Superboy is tasked with rescuing them both and setting things right.moreless
  • A Kind of Princess
    Episode 2
    Clarks falls for the daughter of a major crime boss, and ends up getting involved in a feud between two major syndicates before the man's daughter is hurt.
  • 10/8/88
    Lana's father, an archeologist, comes to the university with what he thinks is a cursed relic. Lex Luthor then steals the jewel in order to sell it to the highest bidder.