The Adventures of Superboy

Season 3 Episode 11

Superboy... Lost

Aired Unknown Dec 15, 1990 on
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When Superboy tries to intercept a meteor that is approaching Earth, he is injured, resulting in amnesia. In the forest, a mother and son find him and nurse him back to health, while he rediscovers who he truly is. All the while, the mother and son are in hiding, trying to avoid death, courtesy of the boy's father.moreless

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  • A meteor that is three and a half tons is heading towards Earth. Lana, Matt Ritter, and Mr. Jackson are watching a news broadcast of the situation. Superboy flies into the sky to shatter it into tiny fragments that will burn up in the Earth's atmosphere.moreless

    The meteor is destroyed and Superboy drops back to Earth. He lands in the woods where a woman named Marissa and her son Jeremy find him. They ask him if he is alright and he answers he does not know. Marissa and Jeremy take Superboy back to their hunting lodge; give him a change of clothes and something to eat. Marissa tells Clark that they have lived there for five years and Jeremy is rusty on communication. While they are eating, Clark hears someone walking outside of the hunting lodge.

    A man who lives with Jeremy's father tries to kidnap the boy, but Clark stops the truck that they were trying to get away in. The kidnapper comes out of the truck and stabs Clark but the knife breaks; he gets back into his truck and drives away. The scene changes to Lana, who is concerned about Superboy and Matt Ritter is consoling her.

    Meanwhile Clark and Jeremy are bonding and Marissa explains to him that her husband sent that man to abduct her son. She ran away from him, in fear what he would do to her and her son. The next scene shows the character of the ex-husband is by taking a paring knife that he was using on an apple and carves an X on the kidnapper's far-head, for failing to bring his son back to him.

    Clark does not know who he is yet, but he knows he wants to stay with Marissa and help her and Jeremy. A group of people that live with Jeremy's father comes and takes Jeremy. Clark runs after the truck they are in and begins to fly. The scene changes to where we see Lana still worrying about Superboy and then again where we see Jeremy in a strange house with a man reading a newspaper story about the disappearance of Superboy. Jeremy picks up the paper and he sees that Superboy is the one that is staying with them.

    Jeremy's father walks in and Clark bursts through the door. The father orders his people to kill him, but Clark scares the people out of the house when they see the bullets they fired at him bounce off and when Clark uses his heat vision on a gun that was pointed at him by Jeremy's father. Clark knocks him out and flies Jeremy back home to his mother.

    Clark is surprised by all the things he can do and tells Marissa that no-one will bother them again while he is with them. Jeremy tells Clark that he can not stay with them and shows him the news paper. When Clark looks at the paper, he gets his memory back, changes into his Superboy costume and flies back to Lana.

    Lana looks at Superboy with relief in her eyes and he smiles at her with a look that he is back and to stop worrying.

    This episode was done in 1953 with The Adventures of Superman. It was thirty seven years later when The Adventures of Superboy re-did this story line. There were similarities and differences between these two shows:

    In Superman; he only knocked out part of the meteor, In Superboy he destroyed the entire meteor, but in both Superman and Superboy, both characters had amnesia.

    In Superman; Clark had his co-workers to help him get his memory back. In Superboy; He helped a mother and her son get away from her ex-husband.

    In Superman; the focus of the episode was for Clark to get his memory back and to destroy what is left of the meteor. In Superboy; the focus was for Clark to protect a mother and son who helped him out.

    In Superman; Clark regains his memory by putting on his costume. In Superboy; Clark regains his memory by looking at a news paper article about him.

    In Superman; there was no violence. In Superboy; there was gun play, knives and stabbings.

    In Superman; the episode ended with Clark writing a story. In Superboy; the episode ended with Superboy going to Lana.

    It is amazing that this story line was done very well in two series; The Adventures of Superman with an episode called "Panic in the Sky" 1953, and The Adventures of Superboy "Superboy Lost" 1990 It was also done a third time with the series Lois and Clark in an episode called "All Shook Up" 1994. And again that was also done well. All three episodes are worth watching but keep in mind, George Reeves did it first.moreless

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