The Adventures of Superboy

Season 1 Episode 4

The Russian Exchange Student

Aired Unknown Oct 29, 1988 on

Episode Recap

Professor Gordon and his assistant Jeff enter their lab. When the professor tries to access some data on his computer, it explodes. When a question is raised about who might've sabotaged his computer, fingers point to the new Russian exchange student, Natasha, who just entered the lab.

The next day, Natasha is packing, feeling as though Prof. Gordon doesn't trust her because she's Russian. Clark and company try to convince her to stay. Natasha's counselor comes in and speaks with her alone, telling her she has no choice but to stay. Later as TJ walks Natasha to the lab, he professes his love for her.

Inside, Prof. Gordon begrudgingly has his assistant get Natasha prepared for an upcoming demonstration. While they drive through town, Clark and TJ, with Lana in the back, talk about Natasha's possible involvement in the sabotage. They then begin to argue when Clark feels that TJ's involvement with Natasha is affecting his judgment. TJ then jumps out of the van in the middle of the street.

At the demonstration Clark gathers details from Prof. Gordon about the formula he's about to test, that will cut the price of fuel and reduce pollution. TJ is upset about Gordon's opinion of the Russian Exchange Program when Clark asks him about it. As they begin the demonstration of a stationary jeep running on the formula mounted over the engine, Clark X-rays Gordon's formula and sees that it's overheating. He sneaks away from the crowd and runs in as Superboy, shielding the professor as the jeep explodes.

Superboy quickly leaves, and the professor promises to get to the bottom of what caused the explosion. He snaps at Natasha when she offers to help, and TJ comes over to comfort her. At the lab, Lt. Harris takes a statement from Prof. Gordon, where it is determined that someone poured ether into the formula. One of the cops comes over with a beaker filled with ether, which they discover came from Natasha's locker.

At the police station, Clark, TJ and Lana arrive to find out that Natasha was released on the condition that she leaves the country in three days. Clark suggests that they set out to prove her innocence. TJ then apologizes to Clark for his behavior lately and they make up. While driving to the lab, they decide to split up, with Clark going to see the professor and TJ following Jeff. At the lab, Jeff is on the phone planning another incident. Outside, TJ sees Jeff leaving and follows him.

Inside, Clark talks to Prof. Gordon and hints that he might've been involved in sabotaging his own formula to get a reaction out of him. At the Atwater Oil Company building, TJ goes inside after Jeff and relays the message to Lana. Lana contacts Clark to tell him where to find TJ, and he figures out that Prof. Gordon's formula was for gasoline.

Inside Atwater's office, Jeff tells him that he's confident that they'll be able to destroy the professor's formula. Outside, TJ is caught taking pictures, and is brought into the office, where he realizes that Jeff was setting Natasha up. They take TJ to throw him out the window while Jeff goes back to the lab on campus. As TJ falls many stories to the lobby below, Superboy flies in and catches him.

They both head to the lab, where Jeff is bringing in Natasha. When she sees that Prof. Gordon is tied up, she realizes that she was set up, and the professor apologizes for treating her badly. As Jeff holds a gun on Natasha, Prof. Gordon tells Jeff where to find a backup disk of his formula to save her from being harmed. When Natasha tries to stop Jeff, he hits her with his gun and knocks her out, and is about to set the lab ablaze.

Superboy flies through the window as T.J. bursts through the door with Lt. Harris and punches Jeff out. Superboy extinguishes the fire as Jeff is being taken away. In the days following, Natasha is leaving to return to Russia, to assist in the professor's studies there. TJ sobs as he is forced to let her go, reciting "I love you" in Russian as her plane takes flight.