The Adventures of T-Rex

A&E (ended 1993)


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The Adventures of T-Rex

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We're in Rep City and chaos is constantly being threatened by the dastardly schemes of BIG BOSS GRAVES, owner of the PLANTATION night club, and his band of hench-reptiles, who are trying to over-run the city. In circumstances like these a town needs something bigger and better, tougher and stronger, smarter and wiser than the Federal Authorities - there is only one way to turn and that is to call in... five stand-up comics!!! It may seem unlikely, but these brothers are no ordinary comics. Apart from their inexhaustible supply of laughs and practical jokes each has his own special talents: BUGSY (purple) is the leader, BERNIE (blue) is the numbers-rex with legs like steel springs, BUCK (yellow) is the smooth talker whose jaws packs a real crunch, BUBBA (green) has a super-powerful tail that never misses a beat, and BRUNO (pink) a right arm so strong that no frisbee's safe when he is around. Put´em all together and what do you get? The one and only T-REXmoreless
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  • Brilliance. Absolute brilliance.

    Brilliance. Absolute brilliance. I haven\'t seen such performances on tv since the time... I can\'t even envision a time when I had so much fun watching this show. Highly recommended!!!I love the movie based on the music, story, direction.All these three are very good.I love love this movie very much.
  • Genius, Complete Genius!

    I LOVED this show when I was a little girl! I used to always race quickly over to the television to watch it happily with my friends! I NEVER missed an episode of this great show! It had this awesome theme of 5 T-REX brothers who were comedians by night and crime fighters by day! (Sometimes night too!)

    I really loved the feel to this series, Very Zoot Suit feeling. I LOVE that kind of theme, and it's so different, something that had never been done before. I just wished this brilliant show would've taken off WAY more than it did. It stinks that they were canceled after airing every episode only 1 time!! *whaps forehead*

    I can still remember, I was HEART BROKEN when this show disappeared. Wish they would put this series on DVD at least.moreless