The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin

(ended 1988)


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  • I like this cartoon. I saw it. I hope too see it on DVD. All 65 cartoons. Teddy Ruxoin is a illiop. Grubby is a Octopede. Not a worm. Fobs. Wooldy What's-It. The Grunges. Go to grundo to see alot of things. I had the WOW Teddy Ruxpin

    Teddy Ruxpin. He want's to be your friend.
    Grubby. Teddy Ruxpin best friend.
    I hope to see a game Teddy Ruxpin for XBOX, PS, etc.
    Toys. DVD's Vol 1
    CD-Rom games.
    Teddy Ruxpin the movie come out.
    Play Gruneball.
    Play hide or seek with Teddy Ruxpin with the Fobs.
    Gimmick. Who make that?
    Wooly What's-It help his friends.
    Teddy Ruxpin made by Back Pack Toys.

    I have the new Teddy Ruxpin.
    The WOW Grubby won't work with the new Teddy Ruxpin.
    You have any questions about Teddy Ruxpin ask me.
    I collet teddy bears.
    I draw bears.
    email me at
    or at
    On yahoo I have Teddy Ruxpin Club
    Come dream with me tonight with Teddy Ruxpin
  • Kickin\' adventure show \'bout a cute little bear thingy and his buddies. If you can\'t get your kids to read mom and dad, get them to watch this show. It will get their imaginations going.

    This show was amazing when I was a kid. I was only five when it came out, but I can still remember watching it. This is definately up there in my top 10 cartoons of all time. I am super pumped to hear that it is available on DVD. Parents, buy this for your kids! They do not make cartoons of this quality anymore, your children will love you for it, I swear! Plus it\'s interesting enough you might even watch it with them. The cartoons from the 80\'s were the best ever. Ninja Turtles? Transformers? Come on guys, that period rocked. I am so blessed to have been raised by 80\'s \'toons.

    One love.
  • Only one word i can say well two words i can say about teddy ruxpin. Freakin sweet. i miss this show.

    This was the coolest show. i tottaly forgot about this show until i went to rent movies a hollywood video and saw there where dvd's for sell and once i saw teddy on the cover BAM jumped started memories. i remebered that i got the teddy ruxpin teddy bear that would read stories when u pressed his hand. it was awesome. am looking forward to buying the dvd's
  • dvd teddy ruxpin, I have looked hard into this an now it comming out to dvd teddy ruxpin will be avable in dvd 5episodes per box avable in febuary 2006 well mid feb so to all you teddy ruxpin lovers out there we can injoy him over againfrom phillip

    Hi there to every teddy ruxpin fan! did you all know it is comming out on dvd thats right our teddy that we all love will be comming out on dvd mid febuary 2006 so now we can injoy the series if you want to chek out some inf please chek out these sites ive put in
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