The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin

(ended 1988)


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  • Kickin\' adventure show \'bout a cute little bear thingy and his buddies. If you can\'t get your kids to read mom and dad, get them to watch this show. It will get their imaginations going.

    This show was amazing when I was a kid. I was only five when it came out, but I can still remember watching it. This is definately up there in my top 10 cartoons of all time. I am super pumped to hear that it is available on DVD. Parents, buy this for your kids! They do not make cartoons of this quality anymore, your children will love you for it, I swear! Plus it\'s interesting enough you might even watch it with them. The cartoons from the 80\'s were the best ever. Ninja Turtles? Transformers? Come on guys, that period rocked. I am so blessed to have been raised by 80\'s \'toons.

    One love.