The Adventures of the Black Stallion

Season 2 Episode 1

Barn Burner

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Barn Burner
Henry, Alec and The Black arrive at a racetrack where a barn has recently been burned down. Meanwhile, they meet a barn cleaner named Nicole who applies for a job but is later accused of the barn burnings.

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      • Alec: Listen did you...uh apologize to Nicole there?
        Henry: No, I didn't want to start any of that. She's liable to ask for a job again.
        Alec: But Henry after what she did last night?
        Henry: I'm telling ya that girl is nothing but trouble.

      • Henry: Little girl, you could have gotten hurt doing a thing like that.
        Nicole: You think I should charge more for rescuing horses?
        Alec: It's nice to see you're okay.

      • Nicole: Don't look at me like that I was saving your precious horse.
        Henry: Ha you expect us to believe anything you say now after that?
        Nicole: I don't care what you believe.
        Alec: Look okay if that's true why didn't you just dump a bucket of water on the matches?

      • Nicole: Marcel says you use to be a famous trainer.
        Henry: Well that's very nice but I but I don't have time to discuss any of that now.

      • Henry: Alec this is what I've always said - woman doesn't belong around a race track.
        Alec: You sure the Black's gonna be safe here?
        Henry: Let me tell you something son, lighting doesn't strike the same place twice.

      • Alec (voiceover): Henry Daily's a funny guy, he's set in his ways and he has a hard time admitting when he's been wrong about something. Of course on the other hand Nicole didn't make it easy on him as we'd find out in the weeks to come.

      • Henry: Hey Alec, listen we've gotta get that Black into the trailer and get him to the track before nightfall. Let's get a move on.
        Alec: Yes, sir Henry.

      • Alec (voiceover): Well summer's almost gone and me, Henry and the Black are still in France. Nothing really special happened this summer a bunch of small races at small tracks. Of course the Black won everything going away. You know it's funny but after all this time I still feel like the luckiest kid on the planet to have as my best friend the wildest stallion known to man. I learned to speak a little French; of course Henry refused asking why, when it was only a matter of time before we'd be going home. He was still trying to get the Black sanctioned to race in the States he was trying every angle he could think of but with out proper proof of the Black's linage the prospects were pretty dim.

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