The Adventures of the Little Prince

Season 1 Episode 3

On Wings Of Love

Aired Weekdays 8:00 AM Jan 01, 1983 on Nickelodeon

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  • Arriving in Newfoundland, the Little Prince befriends a girl named Molly and her grandfather, a fisherman who is given up his craft due to failure to catch a blue marlin.

    Newfoundland is an interesting choice for location. Usually, children's shows pick more recognizable locations to younger viewers as exotic locations, like Paris, London, the Amazon, etc. The Little Prince arrives in Newfoundland and befriends a girl named Molly. This is the first episode in which the Little Prince befriends a girl.

    Molly's grandfather is sad, because both her mother and father have died, and her father and grandfather were fishermen together. The grandfather relates a story where he and Molly's father tried to catch a blue marlin. The marlin snapped his line and capsized the boat. Molly's father was lost and her grandfather gave up fishing.

    I like how the plight of the wounded seagull is compared to the misery of Molly's grandfather. The Prince and Molly are afraid that the bird can no longer fly, and Molly says, "Don't give up like grandfather did." This inspires the grandfather to once again try to catch a marlin.

    I was disappointed that the show ended as the grandfather went out on his boat. I guess, the grandfather's dream would have been over if he had actually caught the marlin. Nevertheless, that is what I thought the episode was leading up to. It was disappointing.

    As usual, the backgrounds are quite nice and full of color.
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