The Adventures of the Little Prince - Season 1

Nickelodeon (ended 1988)




Episode Guide


  • Play It Again, Sean!
  • Erase All Beauty
    Erase All Beauty
    Episode 25
  • What Makes Mitzi Mean?
  • The Wishing Stone
  • A Different World
  • A Light In The Storm
  • Hitch Onto Halley's Comet
  • The Dancing Bear
    The Dancing Bear
    Episode 19
  • Always Listen To A Fox
  • The Magic Case
    The Magic Case
    Episode 17
  • To Be A Man
    To Be A Man
    Episode 16
    The Little Prince heads back to Earth and lands in Lapland, where he finds it incrediblely cold. While there he meets a young hunter named Loki who is tracking reindeer and must kill one in order to prove he is a man to his people. Now it is up to the Little Prince to help Loki realize that saving an animal is a far nobler act than killing one.moreless
  • The Winning Ride
    The Winning Ride
    Episode 15
    The Little Prince rides a comet to Earth and lands in Kentucky. While there he meets a young boy named Jody who has dreams of becoming a jockey and races wooden horses. But when the Little Prince wrecks Jody's wooden horse, it ruins his chances of proving that he has what it takes to become a real horse jockey in the upcoming Big Race. So together with the Little Prince, Jody builds a new and improved wooden race horse in order to compete in the up and coming "Wooden Horse Race".moreless
  • Too Big For This World
    The Little Prince lands in Holland where he meets a strong giant named Munsil who saves his life. After befriending Munsil, the Little Prince learns he is down and out and is in search of a job. So the little Prince decides to try and help him find a job, but finds that Munsil is clumsy and doesn't realizes his own strength. After losing several jobs and having people reprimand him, Munsil gives up. However when a canal starts to giveway and jeopardizes the town below, Munsil has a chance to prove his worth and strength to everyone.moreless
  • The Greatest Gift
    The Greatest Gift
    Episode 13
    The Little Prince heads back to Earth in order to celebrate Christmas and enjoy snow for the first time. However, he ends up landing on a tropical island where there is no snow, but plenty of Christmas cheer. While there, the Little Prince meets a man who mistakes him for his son and decides to adopt him. After learning that the old man is a "Selfish Old Scrooge", the Little Prince decides to try and teach the old man the joys of kindness, love and the Christmas Spirit.moreless
  • The Chimney Sweep
    The Chimney Sweep
    Episode 12
    The Little Prince lands in London and meets a chimney sweep named Harvey "The King of the Chimney Sweeps". After spending time and getting to know him, the Little Prince learns that Harvey has an affection for a famous ballerina who happens to be his long-lost daughter. Now with the help of the Little Prince, Harvey has a chance and the courage to reconnect his relationship with his daughter Marta.moreless
  • Last Voyage Of The Rose
    The Little Prince lands in Belgium and ends up becoming a cabin boy on a small boat. The boat is captianed by man named Captain Billy, who keeps a rose with him whenever he sails to remind him of his daughter Carly. However when his rose is damaged, Captian Billy feels he has lost everything. But with the help of the Little Prince, he is able to move on and is later reunited with his daughter.moreless
  • The Star Gazer
    The Star Gazer
    Episode 10
    After having complications with his rose girl, the Little Prince decides to go the planet Kobe. While there he meets a young girl named Kara who sells flowers. She tells the Little Prince about her grandfather who is a ridiculed astronomer trying to prove the existence of his planet B-612. Now with the help of the Little Prince, he has a chance to prove his findings and restore his once tainted reputation.moreless
  • The Wolf Pack
    The Wolf Pack
    Episode 9
    The Little Prince lands in Scotland and befriends a stray dog named Rufus who is hurt. After attending to his wounds, he learns that the dog has been mistaken for a dangerous wolf and tries to help him clear his name. With the Little Prince's help, Rufus the stray dog now has an opportunity to find a home and a family who loves him.moreless
  • The Perfect Planet
    The Perfect Planet
    Episode 8
    Swifty the space bird guides the Little Prince to a Earth like world called Terra, a planet inhabited by space pioneers from Earth who came to shape a better world. However while there, the Little Prince discovers that some of the people there are making some of the same old mistakes they made back on Earth.moreless
  • Visit To Another Planet
    After a long journey through space, the Little Prince lands on an alien planet similar to Earth. He meets a girl named Marla who herds goats with her father and discovers the miracle of life firsthand when one of her goats gives birth.
  • Somewhere In Space
    Somewhere In Space
    Episode 6
    An experience of the first Little Prince adventure, from the planting of his magical rose girl to the arrival of Swifty the space bird and his first comet ride into space.
  • A Small Alien
    A Small Alien
    Episode 5
    In the Sahara Desert, the Little Prince meets the stranded French pilot who becomes the narrator of his adventures. Together they embark on a desperate search for water.
  • Rob The Rainbow
    Rob The Rainbow
    Episode 4
    The Little Prince lands in the Klondike and joins a boy named Randy on his search for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Two greedy woodsman overhear their plans and follow them close behind.
  • On Wings Of Love
    On Wings Of Love
    Episode 3
    Upon landing in Newfoundland, the Little Prince finds an injured seagull and meets a young girl named Molly who, with her grandfather, helps him nurse it back to health.
  • Shipwreck!
    Episode 2
    The Little Prince lands in Australia and meets a young adventurer named Jacko who takes him on board an abandoned ship. When a violent storm hits, they find themselves trapped at sea.
  • Higher Than Eagles Fly
    On his first visit to the planet Earth, the Little Prince lands in the Andes and meets a young boy named Carlos who has dreams of fulfilling his father's wish to reach the top of a mountain.
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