The Adventures of TinTin

(ended 1993)




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The Adventures of TinTin

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Welcome to The Adventures of Tintin guide at This animated series is based on the Belgium comic of Georges Remi, better known as Hergé. For 75 years the comics are very popular in Europe. In 1991 Nelvana Studios decided to create an animation series about the reporter. The movies that were made so far, were very disappointing but the series became a big success. About the show The show is about the young reporter Tintin and his dog Snowy. For some reason, everywhere he goes, Tintin is always getting into trouble. He's traveling all over the world and whenever it gets messy, Tintin can count on his loyal friends; like Captain Haddock, General Alcazar and the young Chinese boy Chang. About the characters Tintin is the main character of the seires, he is a reporter, with a taste for adventure, he is clever and many times has narrowly avoided death, only to quickly run back into danger. Through doing this he has brought many criminals to justice, stopped many crime rings and saved his friends lives many times. Snowy is Tintin's dog. He is very good at sniffing out enemies, chewing through ropes tying up his master, and scaring gorillas with a single bark. He has saved Tintin many times over. Captain Haddock is an alcoholic, he loves Loch Lomond whisky and is often drinking it despite being president of the S.S.S. (Society of Sober Sailors). He is often dragged into adventures that he does not wish to go on, but once on them he is courageos, especially when he gets mad and an array of bizzare insults can be found flying from his mouth. Professor Cuthbert Calculus is a sheer genius, despite being almost completely deaf, or as he puts it "just a little hard of hearing." He seems only to properly hear the phrase "stop acting the goat" wich enrages him beyond compare. His devices have been what got Tintin into many adventures and what got him out of many adventures alive. Thomson (curly moustache) and Thompson (strait moustache) are a couple of buglung idiot detectives, despite being so stupid they are among the most fun characters to watch about because of the idiotic stunts. I guess that's just what happens when your motto is "dumb's the word." Bianca Castafiore, A.K.A. the "Milanese Nightingale, is a powerful opera singer, in the sence that whenever the Captain hears her sing it reminds him of a hurricane that hit his ship in the West Indies. Despite her many appearances singing she is only heard to sing "The Jewel Song From Faust" in all of the adventures. Chang is a young Chinese boy who Tintin rescued from a flood which claimed his parents. Chang was later adopted into the family of an old Chinese man who helps Tintin stop a drug ring in "The Blue Lotus." Tintin rescues Chang again in "Tintin in Tibet" where Chang is trapped in the Tibetan mountains being cared for by a yeti. General Alcazar is the part time president/dictator of the republic of San Theodores, the other time he is rebelling to gain back that power from General Tapioca. Eventually Alcazar becomes a knife thrower on the music hall stage under the name of Ramon Zarate. Rastapopolus is prime evil, and he'll tell you himself if you give him a needle of special truth serum. He seems to be the leader of every crime organization in the Tintin books, he smuggles everything from opium to slaves, and even kidnapped a millionaire and held him to his own ransom. Needless to say Tintin foils al of Rastapopolus's plans. Rastapopolus is also known as "The Marquis di Gorgonzola". Nestor is the Captain's dedicated butler, who has more than his hands full taking care of Captan Haddock's house. He was once butler to the notorious Bird brothers, of whoms plans he did not participate, he was simply their butler.moreless

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