The Adventures of TinTin

Season 3 Episode 10

Destination Moon (2)

Aired Unknown Aug 24, 1993 on

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  • Oooh, I can't wait to see Explorer's On The Moon! Loved this episode...

    Tintin: Destination Moon is a very interesting one, and probably better on the DVD (comic) rather than the boring comic book for this story. I loved the entertainment tonight, all getting prepared to go off to the moon, and before they knew it, they're off!

    Captain Haddock was the real hero tonight, because for one; he saved everyone from not going to the moon. Calculus lost his memory upon a fall in the cabin. The Captain also tried the space suit to test for any wrong possibilities they may have encountered. It was nerve-wrakking to see the Captain in trouble whilst trying the suit at a low temparature, but it was just mice/rats causing the trouble.

    The first part of this episode was just as good, but more centered on the villans who I think may be going to control Tintin (Calculus's rocket) while they're in space. One of them was actually quite familiar: I think it was King Ottokah's Sceptre from earlier on. He attempted to steal the King's sceptre but he's now back for his revenge... Uh Oh. Who knows, there could also be an inside man which could turn nasty. The Thompson brothers were as good as any tonight. Love those guys like always, and their humor brings a lot to the show. Calculus, Tintin and Captain Haddock were my favorites this time. Calculus nearly sprung out at Captain when Captain called him a goat, which Calculus obviously cannot stand...

    Well, in conclusion the explorers are off to the moon to be the first "Explorers on the moon" (unless Neil Armstrong exists on this show). But apart from the travel, something fishy will happen.

    Overall, a very great, exciting and entertaining episode. I can't wait to see "Explorers On The Moon". The fact that these episodes have an order and aren't spinoffs is even more brilliant.