The Adventures of TinTin

Season 3 Episode 12

Explorers on the Moon (2)

Aired Unknown Aug 26, 1993 on

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  • One of the best, if not the best episode

    Continuing on from "Destination Moon", this story focusses on Tintin and the others exploring the moon, but, with a serious consequence for one of them. In my opinion this was just as hilarious and enjoyable as the previous episode; Destination Moon. I see they cut out parts but it was still extremely exciting and I long to see more of this amazing DVD series.

    However, you can imagine that any young child would see this particular story as significant, because it takes place on the moon.
    Near the end, the villan from "King Ottokah's Sceptre" returns and tries to get Woolf to side with him to leave all the good explorers on the moon itself.
    Unfortunetely for Tintin, the villain dies, leaving Woolf in a serious position. He committed suicide to save everyone else. It was sad, but life saving for the Cuthbert, Captain, the Thompsons, Snowy and the hero Tintin.

    They all reached earth again, and the story concluded in a great way. Overall, this was probably the best episode of all episodes, the excitement and the story was just pure gold. Who could resist this? Both parts to this episode were just outstanding. One word: "Wow"

    Tintin: Explorers On The Moon is the 17th book in the series (chronological/reading order). .